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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-03-01Activity of pyocin S2 against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilmsSmith, K; Martin, L; Rinaldi, A; Rajendran, R; Ramage, G; Walker, D
-Assessment of the Potential for Delayed Ettringite Formation in Heat Cured Mortars and Concrete Using Australian MaterialsThomas, P; Ramu, YK; Martin, L; Vessalas, K; Sirivivatnanon, V
2021-09-05Calorimetric Study into the Role of Alkali and Sulfate in the Early Hydration of Heat-cured GP Cements and Associated Susceptibility to DEFMartin, L; Thomas, P; Nairn, J; Sirivivatnanon, V
2023-01-01Comparative study of the efficacy of fly ash and reactive aggregate powders in mitigating alkali-silica reactionTapas, MJ; Thomas, P; Vessalas, K; Nsiah-Baafi, E; Martin, L; Sirivivatnanon, V
2020-09CSANZ COVID-19 Cardiovascular Nursing Care Consensus Statement: Executive Summary.Inglis, SC; Naismith, C; White, K; Hendriks, JM; Bray, J; Hickman, LD; Aldridge, C; Bardsley, K; Cameron, J; Candelaria, D; Cartledge, S; Du, H; Ferguson, C; Martin, L; Selkow, T; Xu, X; Wynne, R; Driscoll, A; Gallagher, R; Clark, R; Davidson, PM
2023-09-10Durability Loss in Concrete Due to ASR-DEF, The Role of Aggregate Reactivity in Deleterious Delayed Ettringite FormationMartin, L; Thomas, P; De Silva, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2018-01-01Frailty assessment instruments in heart failure: A systematic reviewMcDonagh, J; Martin, L; Ferguson, C; Jha, SR; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ
2014-05-06Parallel independent evolution of pathogenicity within the genus YersiniaReuter, S; Connor, TR; Barquist, L; Walker, D; Feltwell, T; Harris, SR; Fookes, M; Hall, ME; Petty, NK; Fuchs, TM; Corander, J; Dufour, M; Ringwood, T; Savin, C; Bouchier, C; Martin, L; Miettinen, M; Shubin, M; Riehm, JM; Laukkanen-Ninios, R; Sihvonen, LM; Siitonen, A; Skurnik, M; Falcão, JP; Fukushima, H; Scholz, HC; Prentice, MB; Wren, BW; Parkhill, J; Carniel, E; Achtman, M; McNally, A; Thomson, NR
2021-08-01Relationship quality in construction projects: A subcontractor perspective of principal contractor relationshipsMartin, L; Benson, L
2023Role of Aggregate Reactivity, Binder Composition, and Curing Temperature on the Delayed Ettringite Formation and Associated Durability Loss in ConcreteMartin, L; Thomas, P; De Silva, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2022-09-03Susceptibility of Heat-Cured Concrete to Deleterious DEF; the Role of Alkali, Sulfate, and TemperatureMartin, L; Thomas, P; De Silva, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2022The combined role of alkali silica reaction and delayed ettringite formation in durability loss of concrete structures: a literature reviewMartin, L; Thomas, P; De Silva, P; Sirivivatnanon, V; Lopes Batista, A; Santos Silva, A; Fernandes, I; Oliveira Santos, L; Custódio, J; Serra, C