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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-02A new model for injury prevention in team sports: the Team-sport Injury Prevention (TIP) cycleO’Brien, J; Finch, CF; Pruna, R; McCall, A
2022A targeted metabolic analysis of football players and its association to player load: Comparison between women and men profiles.Rodas, G; Ferrer, E; Reche, X; Sanjuan-Herráez, JD; McCall, A; Quintás, G
2019-07-03Accounting for multiple injuries does not improve the Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) as a tool to identify injury risk among English Premier League academy football players: a 3-season prospective cohort studyMcCunn, R; Blackburne, C; Newton, F; Carroll, N; Bakken, A; Ryan, D; McCall, A
2021-08Analysis of the worst-case scenarios in an elite football team: Towards a better understanding and application.Novak, AR; Impellizzeri, FM; Trivedi, A; Coutts, AJ; McCall, A
2014-01-01Are the Yo-Yo intermittent recovery test levels 1 and 2 both useful? Reliability, responsiveness and interchangeability in young soccer playersFanchini, M; Castagna, C; Coutts, AJ; Schena, F; McCall, A; Impellizzeri, FM
2021-05Corrigendum for Impellizzeri FM, McCall A, Ward P, Bornn L, Coutts AJ. Training load and its role in injury prevention, part 2: conceptual and methodologic pitfalls. Journal of Athletic Training. 2020;55(9):893-901.Impellizzeri, FM; Ward, P; Coutts, AJ; Brown, L; McCall, A
2018-04-03Despite association, the acute:chronic work load ratio does not predict non-contact injury in elite footballersFanchini, M; Rampinini, E; Riggio, M; Coutts, AJ; Pecci, C; McCall, A
2018-06-01Developing world-class soccer players: An example of the academy physical development program from an english premier league teamRyan, D; Lewin, C; Forsythe, S; McCall, A
2021-09-14Development of a Revised Conceptual Framework of Physical Training for Use in Research and Practice.Jeffries, AC; Marcora, SM; Coutts, AJ; Wallace, L; McCall, A; Impellizzeri, FM
2018-05Does player unavailability affect football teams' match physical outputs? A two-season study of the UEFA champions league.Windt, J; Ekstrand, J; Khan, KM; McCall, A; Zumbo, BD
2022-07-01Drop-out from team sport among adolescents: A systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studiesBack, J; Johnson, U; Svedberg, P; McCall, A; Ivarsson, A
2017-01Effects of a Strength Training Session After an Exercise Inducing Muscle Damage on Recovery Kinetics.Abaïdia, A-E; Delecroix, B; Leduc, C; Lamblin, J; McCall, A; Baquet, G; Dupont, G
2017-04-01Effects of long-haul transmeridian travel on player preparedness: Case study of a national team at the 2014 FIFA World CupFowler, PM; McCall, A; Jones, M; Duffield, R
2017-11-01Football nutrition: Time for a new consensus?Collins, J; McCall, A; Bilsborough, J; Maughan, R
2017-05-04Functional Movement Screen (FMS™) score does not predict injury in English Premier League youth academy football playersNewton, F; McCall, A; Ryan, D; Blackburne, C; aus der Fünten, K; Meyer, T; Lewin, C; McCunn, R
2012-06-01Hydration, sweat and thermoregulatory responses to professional football training in the heatDuffield, R; McCall, A; Coutts, AJ; Peiffer, JJ
2022-05-13Influence of the COVID-19 Lockdown and Restart on the Injury Incidence and Injury Burden in Men's Professional Football Leagues in 2020: The UEFA Elite Club Injury Study.Waldén, M; Ekstrand, J; Hägglund, M; McCall, A; Davison, M; Hallén, A; Bengtsson, H
2020-10-23Infographic. UEFA expert group 2020 statement on nutrition in elite football.Collins, J; Maughan, RJ; Gleeson, M; Bilsborough, J; Jeukendrup, A; Morton, JP; Phillips, SM; Armstrong, LE; Burke, LM; Close, GL; Duffield, R; Larson-Meyer, E; Louis, J; Medina, D; Meyer, F; Rollo, I; Sundgot-Borgen, JK; Wall, B; Boullosa, B; Dupont, G; Lizarraga, A; Res, P; Bizzini, M; Castagna, C; Cowie, CM; D'Hooghe, M; Geyer, H; Meyer, T; Papadimitiou, N; Vouillamoz, M; McCall, A
2019-07-01Infographic. Unravelling confusion in sports medicine and science practice: A systematic approachArdern, CL; Dupont, G; Impellizzeri, FM; O'Driscoll, G; Reurink, G; Lewin, C; McCall, A
2020-01-24Injury epidemiology in Australian male professional soccer.Lu, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Kovalchik, S; Steinweg, J; Gelis, L; Duffield, R