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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-013D indium tin oxide electrodes by ultrasonic spray deposition for current collection applicationsvan den Ham, EJ; Elen, K; Bonneux, G; Maino, G; Notten, PHL; Van Bael, MK; Hardy, A
2021-063D Printed Lithium-Metal Full Batteries Based on a High-Performance Three-Dimensional Anode Current Collector.Chen, C; Li, S; Notten, PHL; Zhang, Y; Hao, Q; Zhang, X; Lei, W
2016-08-01A comparison and accuracy analysis of impedance-based temperature estimation methods for Li-ion batteriesBeelen, HPGJ; Raijmakers, LHJ; Donkers, MCF; Notten, PHL; Bergveld, HJ
2022-02-01A holistic contribution to fast innovation in electric vehicles: An overview of the DEMOBASE research projectBordes, A; Danilov, DL; Desprez, P; Lecocq, A; Marlair, G; Truchot, B; Dahmani, M; Siret, C; Laurent, S; Herreyre, S; Dominget, A; Hamelin, L; Rigobert, G; Benjamin, S; Legrand, N; Belerrajoul, M; Maurer, W; Chen, Z; Raijmakers, LHJ; Li, D; Zhou, J; Notten, PHL; Perlo, P; Biasiotto, M; Introzzi, R; Petit, M; Martin, J; Bernard, J; Koffel, S; Lorentz, V; Durling, E; Kolari, S; Wang, Z; Massazza, M; Lamontarana, S
2018-01-01A new method to compensate impedance artefacts for Li-ion batteries with integrated micro-reference electrodesRaijmakers, LHJ; Lammers, MJG; Notten, PHL
2021-01-01A Review of Degradation Mechanisms and Recent Achievements for Ni-Rich Cathode-Based Li-Ion BatteriesJiang, M; Danilov, DL; Eichel, RA; Notten, PHL
2021-12-31An experimental and modeling study of sodium-ion battery electrolytesChayambuka, K; Cardinaels, R; Gering, KL; Raijmakers, L; Mulder, G; Danilov, DL; Notten, PHL
2021-01-01Applicability of heat generation data in determining the degradation mechanisms of cylindrical li-ion batteriesMurashko, K; Li, D; Danilov, DL; Notten, PHL; Pyrhönen, J; Jokiniemi, J
2017-01-01Battery technologies for transportation applicationsCampillo, J; Dahlquist, E; Danilov, DL; Ghaviha, N; Notten, PHL; Zimmerman, N
2017-01-01Carbon-coated core-shell Li<inf>2</inf>S@C nanocomposites as high performance cathode materials for lithium-sulfur batteriesChen, C; Li, D; Gao, L; Harks, PPRML; Eichel, RA; Notten, PHL
2016-02-01Degradation Mechanisms of C<inf>6</inf>/LiFePO<inf>4</inf> Batteries: Experimental Analyses of Calendar AgingLi, D; Danilov, DL; Xie, J; Raijmakers, L; Gao, L; Yang, Y; Notten, PHL
2016-08-20Degradation Mechanisms of C<inf>6</inf>/LiFePO<inf>4</inf> Batteries: Experimental Analyses of Cycling-induced AgingLi, D; Danilov, D; Gao, L; Yang, Y; Notten, PHL
2019-03-15Degradation mechanisms of C<inf>6</inf>/LiNi<inf>0.5</inf>Mn<inf>0.3</inf>Co<inf>0.2</inf>O<inf>2</inf> Li-ion batteries unraveled by non-destructive and post-mortem methodsLi, D; Li, H; Danilov, DL; Gao, L; Chen, X; Zhang, Z; Zhou, J; Eichel, RA; Yang, Y; Notten, PHL
2018-07-19Dendrite-Free Sodium-Metal Anodes for High-Energy Sodium-Metal BatteriesSun, B; Li, P; Zhang, J; Wang, D; Munroe, P; Wang, C; Notten, PHL; Wang, G
2019-10-01Determination of li-ion battery degradation mechanisms at high c-rate chargingMurashko, K; Li, D; Danilov, DL; Notten, PHL; Pyrhonen, J; Jokiniemi, J
2021-06-01Determination of state-of-charge dependent diffusion coefficients and kinetic rate constants of phase changing electrode materials using physics-based modelsChayambuka, K; Mulder, G; Danilov, DL; Notten, PHL
2019-01-01Direct Observation of SEI Formation and Lithiation in Thin-Film Silicon Electrodes via in Situ Electrochemical Atomic Force MicroscopyBenning, S; Chen, C; Eichel, RA; Notten, PHL; Hausen, F
2019-11-25Double-Shelled Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf>/C Nanocages Enabling Polysulfides Adsorption for High-Performance Lithium-Sulfur BatteriesZhou, L; Li, H; Wu, X; Zhang, Y; Danilov, DL; Eichel, RA; Notten, PHL
2021-03-01Enhanced sulfur utilization in lithium-sulfur batteries by hybrid modified separatorsZhou, L; Li, H; Zhang, Y; Jiang, M; Danilov, DL; Eichel, R-A; Notten, PHL
2021-12-01Fabrication and interfacial characterization of Ni-rich thin-film cathodes for stable Li-ion batteriesJiang, M; Wu, X; Zhang, Q; Danilov, DL; Eichel, RA; Notten, PHL