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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2002Adult vocational university students: what do they want from their teachers?Pithers, RT; Holland, T; NA
Jan-2004Advancing educational leadership practice in AsiaHolland, T; Pithers, RT
Jan-2001An aspect of vocational teachers' cognitive stylePithers, RT
Jan-2002Cognitive learning style: A review of the field-dependent, field-independent approachPithers, RT
Jan-2005A cross-cultural perspective on perceived power in vocational educationPithers, RT; Roebuck, R
Jan-2005A cross-cultural study of leadership in further educationPithers, RT
Jan-2001Evaluating university teachers in the new milleniumHolland, T; Pithers, RT; Weir, J
Jan-2002Gender and age as moderators of the relationship between the efficacy of vocational teachers' personal resources and strainPithers, RT; Soden, R
Jan-2001Knowledge matters in vocational problem-solving: a cognitive viewSoden, R; Pithers, RT
Jan-2003The realisation of critical thinking aims in a degree program for vocational tutorsSoden, R; Pithers, RT
Jan-2007Student expectations and the effect of experiencePithers, RT; Holland, T; Jeffrey, PL
Jan-2005Students' perspectives concerning effective instructionHolland, T; Pithers, RT; Roebuck, R
Jan-2004A study of Chinese and Australian further and higher education leadersPithers, RT; Searle, J; McKavanagh, C; Roebuck, D
Jan-2005A study of the bases of power in further educationPithers, RT
Jan-2003A study of the purposes and importance of assessment feedbackPithers, RT; Holland, T
Jan-2008Teaching Chinese Leaders the Western Way: A Cross-Cultural ChallengeMorgan, L; Holland, T; Pithers, RT; Jost Reischmann
Jan-2001Teaching vocational undergraduates in a further education collegePithers, RT; Soden, R
Jan-2001Vocational education teachers; a review of evaluation methodology and teaching effectivenessPithers, RT; Holland, T
Jan-2002Vocational students' expectations as clients in tertiary educationPithers, RT; Holland, T