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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02-01A novel cross-linked nano-coating for carbon dioxide captureFu, Q; Kim, J; Gurr, PA; Scofield, JMP; Kentish, SE; Qiao, GG
2016-02-11A novel solid state photocatalyst for living radical polymerization under UV irradiation.Fu, Q; McKenzie, TG; Ren, JM; Tan, S; Nam, E; Qiao, GG
2017-01-01Antifogging Surface Facilitated by Nanoscale Coatings with Controllable Hydrophobicity and Cross-Linking DensityNam, E; Wong, EHH; Tan, S; Fu, Q; Blencowe, A; Qiao, GG
2016-09Beyond Traditional RAFT: Alternative Activation of Thiocarbonylthio Compounds for Controlled Polymerization.McKenzie, TG; Fu, Q; Uchiyama, M; Satoh, K; Xu, J; Boyer, C; Kamigaito, M; Qiao, GG
2016-08-03Blends of Fluorinated Additives with Highly Selective Thin-Film Composite Membranes to Increase CO<inf>2</inf> Permeability for CO<inf>2</inf>/N<inf>2</inf> Gas Separation ApplicationsScofield, JMP; Gurr, PA; Kim, J; Fu, Q; Kentish, SE; Qiao, GG
2018-08-06Blood-Catalyzed RAFT Polymerization.Reyhani, A; Nothling, MD; Ranji-Burachaloo, H; McKenzie, TG; Fu, Q; Tan, S; Bryant, G; Qiao, GG
2016-10-01CO<inf>2</inf> separation using surface-functionalized SiO<inf>2</inf> nanoparticles incorporated ultra-thin film composite mixed matrix membranes for post-combustion carbon captureKim, J; Fu, Q; Xie, K; Scofield, JMP; Kentish, SE; Qiao, GG
2018-03-01Continuous assembly of a polymer on a metal-organic framework (CAP on MOF): A 30 nm thick polymeric gas separation membraneXie, K; Fu, Q; Xu, C; Lu, H; Zhao, Q; Curtain, R; Gu, D; Webley, PA; Qiao, GG
2018-09-21Controlled RAFT polymerization facilitated by a nanostructured enzyme mimicFu, Q; Ranji-Burachaloo, H; Liu, M; McKenzie, TG; Tan, S; Reyhani, A; Nothling, MD; Dunstan, DE; Qiao, GG
2017-10-10Development of a Robust PET-RAFT Polymerization Using Graphitic Carbon Nitride (g-C<inf>3</inf>N<inf>4</inf>)Fu, Q; Ruan, Q; McKenzie, TG; Reyhani, A; Tang, J; Qiao, GG
2016-02-01Development of novel fluorinated additives for high performance CO<inf>2</inf> separation thin-film composite membranesScofield, JMP; Gurr, PA; Kim, J; Fu, Q; Kentish, SE; Qiao, GG
2017-10-14Diverse approaches to star polymers via cationic and radical RAFT cross-linking reactions using mechanistic transformationUchiyama, M; Satoh, K; McKenzie, TG; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG; Kamigaito, M
2019-09Fenton-Chemistry-Mediated Radical Polymerization.Reyhani, A; McKenzie, TG; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2017-05-29Fenton-RAFT Polymerization: An "On-Demand" Chain-Growth Method.Reyhani, A; McKenzie, TG; Ranji-Burachaloo, H; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2016-07-01Fractionation of graphene oxide single nano-sheets in water-glycerol solutions using gradient centrifugationBidram, E; Sulistio, A; Amini, A; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG; Stewart, A; Dunstan, DE
2020-11From UV to NIR: A Full-Spectrum Metal-Free Photocatalyst for Efficient Polymer Synthesis in Aqueous Conditions.Allison-Logan, S; Fu, Q; Sun, Y; Liu, M; Xie, J; Tang, J; Qiao, GG
2020-09-15From UV to NIR: A Full‐Spectrum Metal‐Free Photocatalyst for Efficient Polymer Synthesis in Aqueous ConditionsAllison‐Logan, S; Fu, Q; Sun, Y; Liu, M; Xie, J; Tang, J; Qiao, GG
2019-05-14Heterogeneously Catalyzed Fenton-Reversible Addition-Fragmentation Chain Transfer Polymerization in the Presence of AirReyhani, A; Ranji-Burachaloo, H; McKenzie, TG; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2020-09-15High-throughput CO<inf>2</inf> capture using PIM-1@MOF based thin film composite membranesLiu, M; Nothling, MD; Webley, PA; Jin, J; Fu, Q; Qiao, GG
2018-01-01Improved Fenton Therapy Using Cancer Cell Hydrogen PeroxideRanji-Burachaloo, H; Fu, Q; Gurr, PA; Dunstan, DE; Qiao, GG