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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01-01Agile software solution framework: An analysis of practitioners' perspectivesQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2007-10-15An agile toolkit to support agent-oriented and service-oriented computing mechanismsQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2007-12-01ASOP: An agile service-oriented processQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2007-12-31Construction of an agile software product-enhancement process by using an Agile Software Solution Framework (ASSF) and situational method engineeringQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2006-12-01Crystallization of agility: Back to basicsQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2007-12-01Defining an integrated agile governance for large agile software development environmentsQumer, A
2010-10-07Empirical evaluation of the agile process lifecycle management frameworkQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2008-03-01An evaluation of the degree of agility in six agile methods and its applicability for method engineeringQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2010-12-01Framework as software service (fass) an agile e-toolkit to support agile method tailoringQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2010A framework to assist in the assessment and tailoring of agile software development methodsQumer, A
2006-12-01A framework to support non-fragile agile agent-oriented software developmentQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2008-11-01A framework to support the evaluation, adoption and improvement of agile methods in practiceQumer, A; Henderson-Sellers, B
2007-12-01Improving agile software development by the application of method engineering practicesHenderson-Sellers, B; Serour, MK; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Qumer, A