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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05-04Attaining Poise: A Movement-based Lens Exploring Embodiment in FashionRobinson, T
2022-02-24Body Styles: Redirecting Ethics and the Question of Embodied Empathy in Fashion DesignRobinson, T
2011-12-01A case study: Articulating embodied practice with poiseRobinson, T
2017-06-22Cluster-Randomized, Crossover Trial of Head Positioning in Acute Stroke.Anderson, CS; Arima, H; Lavados, P; Billot, L; Hackett, ML; Olavarría, VV; Muñoz Venturelli, P; Brunser, A; Peng, B; Cui, L; Song, L; Rogers, K; Middleton, S; Lim, JY; Forshaw, D; Lightbody, CE; Woodward, M; Pontes-Neto, O; De Silva, HA; Lin, R-T; Lee, T-H; Pandian, JD; Mead, GE; Robinson, T; Watkins, C; HeadPoST Investigators and Coordinators,
-Comfort or style?: Fashioning ourselves to fit the post-pandemic worldRobinson, T
2023-01-01Design for Moving BodiesRobinson, T; Mohajer va Pesaran, D; Gardner, L
2020Digital video-based research in fashion: Visualizing affect and sartorial vitalityRobinson, T
2020-08-03Evaluation of an ensemble-based distance statistic for clustering MLST datasets using epidemiologically defined clusters of cyclosporiasis.Nascimento, FS; Barratt, J; Houghton, K; Plucinski, M; Kelley, J; Casillas, S; Bennett, CC; Snider, C; Tuladhar, R; Zhang, J; Clemons, B; Madison-Antenucci, S; Russell, A; Cebelinski, E; Haan, J; Robinson, T; Arrowood, MJ; Talundzic, E; Bradbury, RS; Qvarnstrom, Y
2009-04-28HankyRobinson, TM; Gwilt, A; Heffer, C; Robinson, T
2022-08-13If you like to be looked at and I like to look at you, we can achieve an enjoyable personal relationshipRobinson, T
2018-03-01An integrative review of the psychosocial facilitators and challenges of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy in type 1 diabetesPayk, M; Robinson, T; Davis, D; Atchan, M
2014-11-08Mt. ChromaTitmarsh, M; Robinson, T; Beckingham and McMahon, KAA
2018-06-13Multidisciplinary teams and ICT: A qualitative study exploring the use of technology and its impact on multidisciplinary team meetingsJanssen, A; Robinson, T; Brunner, M; Harnett, P; Museth, KE; Shaw, T
2011-09-04Public FittingRobinson, TM; Titmarsh, M; Robinson, T; Titmarsh, M
2015-06Service Delivery Review: a how to manual for local governmentHunting, SA; Ryan, R; Robinson, T