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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-05Assessment of Global Kidney Health Care Status.Bello, AK; Levin, A; Tonelli, M; Okpechi, IG; Feehally, J; Harris, D; Jindal, K; Salako, BL; Rateb, A; Osman, MA; Qarni, B; Saad, S; Lunney, M; Wiebe, N; Ye, F; Johnson, DW
2022-02-13Blood DNA Methylation Predicts Diabetic Kidney Disease Progression in High Fat Diet-Fed Mice.Nguyen, LT; Larkin, BP; Wang, R; Faiz, A; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2020-11-20Brain health is independently impaired by E-vaping and high-fat diet.Chen, H; Wang, B; Li, G; Steele, JR; Stayte, S; Vissel, B; Chan, YL; Yi, C; Saad, S; Machaalani, R; Oliver, BG
2012-09-18Cigarette smoking and brain regulation of energy homeostasisChen, H; Saad, S; Sandow, SL; Bertrand, PP
2012-01Cigarette smoking and brain regulation of energy homeostasis.Chen, H; Saad, S; Sandow, SL; Bertrand, PP
-Differential Effects of ‘Vaping’ on Lipid and Glucose Profiles and Liver Metabolic Markers in Obese Versus Non-obese MiceChen, H; Li, G; Chan, YL; Zhang, HE; Gorrell, MD; Pollock, CA; Saad, S; Oliver, BG
2018-10-01DNA methylation and the potential role of demethylating agents in prevention of progressive chronic kidney diseaseLarkin, BP; Glastras, SJ; Chen, H; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
-E-Cigarette Vapour Alters High-Fat Diet-Induced Systemic Inflammatory Responses but Has No Effect on High-Fat Diet-Induced Changes in Gut MicrobiotaChen, H; Burke, C; Donovan, C; Faiz, A; Saad, S; Oliver, BG
2020-09E-cigarettes damage the liver and alter nutrient metabolism in pregnant mice and their offspring.Li, G; Chan, YL; Wang, B; Saad, S; George, J; Oliver, BG; Chen, H
2019-09-01E-vapour inhalation – How does it affect memory?Chen, H; Steele, J; Li, G; Chan, Y; Oliver, B; Saad, S; Machaalani, R
-Effect of E-Vaping on Kidney Health in Mice Consuming a High-Fat DietFeng, M; Bai, X; Thorpe, AE; Nguyen, LT; Wang, M; Oliver, BG; Chou, ASY; Pollock, CA; Saad, S; Chen, H
2016-03-23Effect of GLP-1 Receptor Activation on Offspring Kidney Health in a Rat Model of Maternal ObesityGlastras, SJ; Chen, H; McGrath, RT; Zaky, AA; Gill, AJ; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2017-01-01Effect of long-term maternal smoking on the offspring’s lung healthSukjamnong, S; Chan, YL; Zakarya, R; Saad, S; Sharma, P; Santiyanont, R; Chen, H; Oliver, BG
2022-05Effects of air pollution on human health – Mechanistic evidence suggested by in vitro and in vivo modellingChen, H; Oliver, BG; Pant, A; Olivera, A; Poronnik, P; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2014-03-01Exendin-4 is effective against metabolic disorders induced by intrauterine and postnatal overnutrition in rodentsChen, H; Simar, D; Pegg, K; Saad, S; Palmer, C; Morris, MJ
2015-06-01Fetal programming of chronic kidney disease: The role of maternal smoking, mitochondrial dysfunction, and epigenetic modfificationStangenberg, S; Chen, H; Wong, MG; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2013-01Fetal Programming of Renal Development-Influence of Maternal SmokingChen, H; Al-Odat, I; Pollock, C; Saad, S
2022-01-30Fimbristylisovata and Artemisiavulgaris extracts inhibited AGE-mediated RAGE expression, ROS generation, and inflammation in THP-1 cellsSukjamnong, S; Chen, H; Saad, S; Santiyanont, R
2015-11-14FXR expression is associated with dysregulated glucose and lipid levels in the offspring kidney induced by maternal obesityGlastras, SJ; Wong, MG; Chen, H; Zhang, J; Zaky, A; Pollock, CA; Saad, S
2018-08-01Heat or Burn? Impacts of intrauterine tobacco smoke and E-Cigarette vapor exposure on the offspring's health outcomeLi, G; Saad, S; Oliver, BG; Chen, H