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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-07-16A Crash Injury Model Involving Autonomous Vehicle: Investigating of Crash and Disengagement ReportsSinha, A; Vu, V; Chand, S; Wijayaratna, K; Dixit, V
2015Bio-mimetic navigation in a dynamic environmentSinha, A
2014Bio-mimetic Path Integration Using a Self Organizing Population of Grid CellsSinha, A; Wang, JJ
2014-01-01Bio-mimetic path integration using a self organizing population of grid cellsSinha, A; Wang, JJ
2013-01-01Category optimizer: A dynamic-assortment, new-product-introduction, mix-optimization, and demand-planning systemSinha, A; Sahgal, A; Mathur, SK
2020Crash Severity and Rate Evaluation of Conventional Vehicles in Mixed Fleets with Connected and Automated VehiclesSinha, A; Chand, S; Wijayaratna, KP; Virdi, N; Dixit, V
2021-10Developed market partner’s relative control and the termination likelihood of an international joint venture in an emerging marketPedada, K; Padigar, M; Sinha, A; Dass, M
2011-11-01Different determinants at different times: B2B adoption of a radical innovationVowles, N; Thirkell, P; Sinha, A
2022-05-02Digital Transformation as Disruptive StrategySinha, A; Pedada, K; Purkayastha, A; Srivastava, R; Balani, S
2019-01-01Effective sense-and-respond strategies: Mediating roles of exploratory and exploitative innovationNgo, LV; Bucic, T; Sinha, A; Lu, VN
-Harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies to Benefit SocietySinha, A; Purkayastha, A; Srivastava, R
2014-01-01An implementation of the path integrator mechanism of head direction cells for bio-mimetic navigationSinha, A; Wang, J
2017-05-01Improving the effectiveness of market-oriented organisation: Empirical evidence from an emerging economyBucic, T; Ngo, LV; Sinha, A
2000Measuring Customer Based Brand Equity: A New Survey Based Methodology using Hierarchical Bayesian MethodologySinha, A; Leszcsyc, P
2016-04-01A meta-analysis of extremeness aversionNeumann, N; Böckenholt, U; Sinha, A
2011-03Practical pricing: Translating pricing theory into sustainable profit improvementSinha, A
2012-05-01Retail revenue optimization: The past, the present and the futureSinha, A; Sahgal, A
2012-05-01Role of quality management capabilities in developing market-based organisational learning capabilities: Case study evidence from four Indian business process outsourcing firmsMalik, A; Sinha, A; Blumenfeld, S
2019-10-07Signaling effects and the role of culture: movies in international auxiliary channelsSinha, A; Gu, H; Kim, N; Emile, R
-The effect of marketing department power on investor responses to announcements of AI-embedded new product innovationsPadigar, M; Pupovac, L; Sinha, A; Srivastava, R