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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Attributes of Innovation LeadersSoliman, F; Cruz-Cunha, MM; Moreira, F; Varaj√£o, J
2014Attributes of the Learning-Innovation Transformational LeaderSoliman, F; Soliman, F
Jan-2013Business Excellence and Business Innovation: Are The Two Competing or Overlapping Cultures?Soliman, F
2015Business Transformation and Sustainability through Cloud System ImplementationSoliman, F
30-Sep-2014Business transformation and sustainability through cloud system implementationSoliman, F
1-Feb-2015Chapter eleven incremental innovation and knowledge exploitation in SMES: Learning and social facilitationWang, K; Clegg, SR; Tang, C; Fang, Y; Soliman, F
2015Could Cloud Systems Drive Sustainable Competitive Advantages in Supply-Demand Chains?Soliman, F
2015Could Cloud Systems' Strategies be Aligned to Suit Supply Chain Sustainability with Innovation GoalsSoliman, F; Soliman, F
2015Could Cultural Sustainability Improve Organisational Sustainability in Cloud EnvironmentsSoliman, F; Soliman, F
Jan-2012Could Innovation be Driven by Globalization?Soliman, F
2014Could Knowledge Gaps Drive Quality ImprovementSoliman, F; Mehrez, A; Soliman, F
Dec-2015Could Knowledge Management Drive Sustainability?Soliman, F
2014Could Knowledge, Learning, and Innovation Gaps be Spiralling?Soliman, F; Soliman, F
Jan-2011Could One Transformational Leader Convert the Organisation From Knowledge Based Into Learning Organization, Then Into Innovation?Soliman, F
2014Could sustainability drive innovation?Soliman, F; Putnik, GD
Jan-2013Could uncertainties drive customer-supplier relationships?Soliman, F
Jan-2001Critical Success Factors for Integration of CAD/CAM Systems with ERP SystemsSoliman, F; Clegg, SR; Tantoush, T
Jan-2013Does Innovation Drive Sustainable Competitive Advantages?Soliman, F
2015Does the Cloud System Drive Supply Chain Sustainability?Soliman, F; Soliman, F
2015Evaluation of Cloud System Success Factors in Supply-Demand ChainsSoliman, F