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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01The alchemy of student entrepreneurs: Towards a model of entrepreneurial maturityMarchand, J; Sood, S
2022-01Big Data Approach to Visualising, Analysing and Modelling Company Culture: A New Paradigm and Tool for Exploring Toxic Cultures and the Way We WorkO’Brien, K; Sood, S; Shete, R
2012-05-01Conversations with(in) the collective unconscious by consumers, brands, and relevant othersWoodside, AG; Megehee, CM; Sood, S
2012-04-01The death of social media in start-up companies and the rise of s-commerce: Convergence of e-commerce, complexity and social mediaSood, S
2020-09-01Emotional and attentional influences of photographs on impression management and financial decision makingAng, L; Hellmann, A; Kanbaty, M; Sood, S
2021-01-01Entrepreneurial orientation vignettes into open innovation of the internet of things: Advancing into the age of service dominant reasoningSood, S; Woodside, AG
2020Globotics Driven Digital Transformation: A Bright Future for Internships, Digital Marketing and E-Commerce EducationSood, S; Pattinson, H
2023-02Marketing Education Renaissance Through Big Data Curriculum: Developing Marketing Expertise Using AI Large Language ModelsSood, S; Pattinson, H
2015-11-20Nature and Spirit of Exchange and Interpersonal Relationships Fostering Grassroots InnovationsJoshi, RG; Chelliah, J; Sood, S; Burdon, S
2016-04-22Nature and spirit of exchange and interpersonal relationships fostering grassroots innovationsJoshi, R; Chelliah, J; Sood, S; Burdon, SW
2015-01-01Realising the strategic value of RFID in academic libraries: A case study of the University of Technology SydneyChelliah, J; Sood, S; Scholfield, S
2020-03-01Towards a conceptual framework for analysing impression management during face-to-face communicationHellmann, A; Ang, L; Sood, S
2017-01-02Vignettes in the two-step arrival of the internet of things and its reshaping of marketing management’s service-dominant logicWoodside, AG; Sood, S
2008-02-01When consumers and brands talk: Storytelling theory and research in psychology and marketingWoodside, AG; Sood, S; Miller, KE