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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-12-12Assessment of a Salt Reduction Intervention on Adult Population Salt Intake in Fiji.Pillay, A; Trieu, K; Santos, JA; Sukhu, A; Schultz, J; Wate, J; Bell, C; Moodie, M; Snowdon, W; Ma, G; Rogers, K; Webster, J
2015-11-09Behaviour change strategies for reducing blood pressure-related disease burden: findings from a global implementation research programme.GACD Hypertension Research Programme, Writing Group; Peiris, D; Thompson, SR; Beratarrechea, A; Cárdenas, MK; Diez-Canseco, F; Goudge, J; Gyamfi, J; Kamano, JH; Irazola, V; Johnson, C; Kengne, AP; Keat, NK; Miranda, JJ; Mohan, S; Mukasa, B; Ng, E; Nieuwlaat, R; Ogedegbe, O; Ovbiagele, B; Plange-Rhule, J; Praveen, D; Salam, A; Thorogood, M; Thrift, AG; Vedanthan, R; Waddy, SP; Webster, J; Webster, R; Yeates, K; Yusoff, K; Hypertension Research Programme members
2010-01Can a heart failure-specific cardiac rehabilitation program decrease hospitalizations and improve outcomes in high-risk patients?Davidson, PM; Cockburn, J; Newton, PJ; Webster, J; Betihavas, V
2003-01A cardiac rehabilitation program to enhance the outcomes of older women with heart disease: development of the group rehabilitation for older women (GROW) programDavidson, PM; Hancock, K; Daly, J; Cockburn, J; Moser, D; Goldston, K; Elliott, D; Webster, J; Speerin, R; Wade, V; Clarke, M; Anderson, M; Newman, C; Chang, E
2008-09-01Changes in depression in the immediate postdischarge phase in a cardiac rehabilitation population assessed by the cardiac depression scaleDavidson, PM; Salamonson, Y; Webster, J; Andrew, S; DiGiacomo, M; Gholizadeh, L; Newton, P; Moser, D
2019-09-12Changes in the metabolic potential of the sponge microbiome under ocean acidification.Botté, ES; Nielsen, S; Abdul Wahab, MA; Webster, J; Robbins, S; Thomas, T; Webster, NS
2020-12-08Comparative Genomics of <i>Xanthomonas citri</i> pv. <i>citri</i> A* Pathotype Reveals Three Distinct Clades with Varying Plasmid Distribution.Webster, J; Bogema, D; Chapman, TA
2012-01-01Development of a test methodology for the assessment of human impacts in sportHalkon, B; Webster, J; Mitchell, S; Mientjes, M
2017-11Estimating population salt intake in India using spot urine samples.Petersen, KS; Johnson, C; Mohan, S; Rogers, K; Shivashankar, R; Thout, SR; Gupta, P; He, FJ; MacGregor, GA; Webster, J; Santos, JA; Krishnan, A; Maulik, PK; Reddy, KS; Gupta, R; Prabhakaran, D; Neal, B
2022-04-28First report of the presence of Verticillium dahliae VCG6 in AustraliaKirkby, K; Webster, J; Landa, BB; Olivares, C; Roser, S; Falconer, L; Gopurenko, D; Chapman, TA
2017-01-04IMG/VR: a database of cultured and uncultured DNA Viruses and retroviruses.Paez-Espino, D; Chen, I-MA; Palaniappan, K; Ratner, A; Chu, K; Szeto, E; Pillay, M; Huang, J; Markowitz, VM; Nielsen, T; Huntemann, M; K Reddy, TB; Pavlopoulos, GA; Sullivan, MB; Campbell, BJ; Chen, F; McMahon, K; Hallam, SJ; Denef, V; Cavicchioli, R; Caffrey, SM; Streit, WR; Webster, J; Handley, KM; Salekdeh, GH; Tsesmetzis, N; Setubal, JC; Pope, PB; Liu, W-T; Rivers, AR; Ivanova, NN; Kyrpides, NC
2013-05-03Impact on Caesarean section rates following injections of sterile water (ICARIS): A multicentre randomised controlled trialLee, N; Mårtensson, LB; Homer, C; Webster, J; Gibbons, K; Stapleton, H; Santos, ND; Beckmann, M; Gao, Y; Kildea, S
2018-11-01The Indigenous Birthing in an Urban Setting study: The IBUS study: A prospective birth cohort study comparing different models of care for women having Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander babies at two major maternity hospitals in urban South East Queensland, Australia 11 Medical and Health Sciences 1117 Public Health and Health ServicesHickey, S; Roe, Y; Gao, Y; Nelson, C; Carson, A; Currie, J; Reynolds, M; Wilson, K; Kruske, S; Blackman, R; Passey, M; Clifford, A; Tracy, S; West, R; Williamson, D; Kosiak, M; Watego, S; Webster, J; Kildea, S
2023-02-01Investigating the defoliating-like (DL) VCG2A pathotype of Verticillium dahliae through identification and prediction of secreted proteins from genomes of Australian isolatesWebster, J; Dadd-Daigle, P; Chapman, TA; Kirkby, K
2017-01-06Mean Dietary Salt Intake in Urban and Rural Areas in India: A Population Survey of 1395 Persons.Johnson, C; Mohan, S; Rogers, K; Shivashankar, R; Thout, SR; Gupta, P; He, FJ; MacGregor, GA; Webster, J; Krishnan, A; Maulik, PK; Reddy, KS; Prabhakaran, D; Neal, B
2022-12-30Measuring communication as a core outcome in aphasia trials: Results of the ROMA-2 international core outcome set development meeting.Wallace, SJ; Worrall, L; Rose, TA; Alyahya, RSW; Babbitt, E; Beeke, S; de Beer, C; Bose, A; Bowen, A; Brady, MC; Breitenstein, C; Bruehl, S; Bryant, L; Cheng, BBY; Cherney, LR; Conroy, P; Copland, DA; Croteau, C; Cruice, M; Dipper, L; Hilari, K; Howe, T; Kelly, H; Kiran, S; Laska, A-C; Marshall, J; Murray, LL; Patterson, J; Pearl, G; Quinting, J; Rochon, E; Rose, ML; Rubi-Fessen, I; Sage, K; Simmons-Mackie, N; Visch-Brink, E; Volkmer, A; Webster, J; Whitworth, A; Dorze, GL
2023-01-23Population Structure and Genomic Characteristics of Australian Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae Reveals Unobserved Diversity in the Australian Pig Industry.Webster, J; Bowring, B; Stroud, L; Marsh, I; Sales, N; Bogema, D
2023-02Protocol for the implementation and evaluation of a community-based behavior change intervention to reduce dietary salt intake in India.Johnson, C; Thout, SR; Nidhuram, S; Hart, A; Hoek, AC; Rogers, K; Shivashankar, R; Ide, N; Chatterjee, S; Webster, J; Praveen, D
2022-02-02Scaling-up food policies in the Pacific Islands: protocol for policy engagement and mixed methods evaluation of intervention implementation.Webster, J; Waqa, G; Thow, A-M; Allender, S; Lung, T; Woodward, M; Rogers, K; Tukana, I; Kama, A; Wilson, D; Mounsey, S; Dodd, R; Reeve, E; McKenzie, BL; Johnson, C; Bell, C
2019-01-01Sex and gender in health research: updating policy to reflect evidenceWainer, Z; Carcel, C; Hickey, M; Schiebinger, L; Schmiede, A; McKenzie, B; Jenkins, C; Webster, J; Woodward, M; Hehir, A; Solomon, B; de Costa, C; Lukaszyk, C; Colville, DJ; Dempsey, E; Wright, GM; Mishra, GD; Fisher, JRW; Kulkarni, J; Mitchell, JA; Hutchison, K; Thompson, K; Jorm, L; Chappell, L; van der Meulen, M; Henry, A; DiGiacomo, M; Huxley, R; Ivers, R; Peters, S; Rogers, WA; Wang, X; Norton, R