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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01Anthropomorphic resonances: On the relationship between computer interfaces and the human form and motionBongers, B
2012-12-01A cooperative approach to the design of an Operator Control Unit for a semi-autonomous grit-blasting robotLie, S; Liu, DK; Bongers, B
2020-02-18Digitally enabled aged care and neurological rehabilitation to enhance outcomes with Activity and MObility UsiNg Technology (AMOUNT) in Australia: A randomised controlled trial.Hassett, L; van den Berg, M; Lindley, RI; Crotty, M; McCluskey, A; van der Ploeg, HP; Smith, ST; Schurr, K; Howard, K; Hackett, ML; Killington, M; Bongers, B; Togher, L; Treacy, D; Dorsch, S; Wong, S; Scrivener, K; Chagpar, S; Weber, H; Pinheiro, M; Heritier, S; Sherrington, C
2016-06-01Effect of affordable technology on physical activity levels and mobility outcomes in rehabilitation: A protocol for the Activity and MObility UsiNg Technology (AMOUNT) rehabilitation trialHassett, L; Van Den Berg, M; Lindley, RI; Crotty, M; McCluskey, A; Van Der Ploeg, HP; Smith, ST; Schurr, K; Killington, M; Bongers, B; Howard, K; Heritier, S; Togher, L; Hackett, M; Treacy, D; Dorsch, S; Wong, S; Scrivener, K; Chagpar, S; Weber, H; Pearson, R; Sherrington, C
2007-01-01Electronic musical instruments: Experiences of a new luthierBongers, B
2022-10-25Exploring Extended Realities in Environmental Artistic Expression through Interactive Video ProjectionsBongers, B
2017-11-28Exploring in-hospital rehabilitation exercises for stroke patients: Informing interaction designPickrell, M; Van Den Hoven, E; Bongers, B
2012-01Expressive Musical Interface DesignBongers, B; Brown Andrew, R
-FacetsBongers, B; Michael Day
-Facets of Expanded Architecture: Interactivating the CarriageWorks BuildingBongers, B; Stickels, L; Breen Lovett, S
2016-02-01Facilitating peripheral interaction: design and evaluation of peripheral interaction for a gesture-based lighting control with multimodal feedbackHeijboer, M; van den Hoven, E; Bongers, B; Bakker, S
2009-01HCI and Design Research EducationBongers, B; Van der Veer, GC; Kotze, P; Wong, W; Jorge, J; Dix, A; Silva, PA
2010-12-01Interactivating rehabilitation through active multimodal feedback and guidanceBongers, B; Smith, S
2014-09-30Interactive Infrastructures—Distributed Interfaces for the Built EnvironmentBongers, B; Eggen, B; Oosterhuis, K
2011-12-01Interactive kaleidoscope: Audience participation studyBongers, B; Mery, A
-InterlaceHeffer, C; Bongers, B; Lindie Ward
2023-06-01Island Design Camps—Interactive Video Projections as Extended RealitiesBongers, B
2012-01Multimodal Interaction in Protospace 1.0Bongers, B; Oosterhuis, KEA
-Musica a MetronomBongers, B
2015-01-01Pattern Stations - Extending textile materials through tangible interactionBongers, B; Heffer, C