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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-01-01The Architecture of Dynamic Capability Research Identifying the Building Blocks of a Configurational ApproachWilden, R; Devinney, TM; Dowling, GR
2005-01Client and agency mental models in evaluating advertisingDevinney, TM; Dowling, GR; Collins, M
2006Communicating corporate reputation through storiesDowling, GR
2011-01Corporate and organizational identity: two sides of the same coinDowling, GR; Otubanjo, T
2011-01Corporate Reputation Risk: Creating an Audit TrailBrønn, C; Dowling, GR; Helm, S; Liehr-Gobbers, K; Storck, C
2014-09-01The Curious Case of Corporate Tax Avoidance: Is it Socially Irresponsible?Dowling, GR
2016-09-01Defining and Measuring Corporate ReputationsDowling, GR
2008The Financial Times business schools ranking: What quality is this signal of quality?Devinney, T; Dowling, GR; Perm-Ajchariyawong, N
2006-01How good corporate reputations create corporate valueDowling, GR
2013-03-01How much does a company's reputation matter in recruiting?Auger, P; Devinney, TM; Dowling, GR; Eckert, C; Lin, N
2012-01Keeping score: the challenges of measuring corporate reputationDowling, GR; Gardberg, NA; Barnett Michael, L; Pollock Timothy, G
2011-01Media Analysis: What Is It Worth?Dowling, GR; Weeks, W
2014-11-01Playing the citations game: From publish or perish to be cited or sidelinedDowling, GR
2017-10-30The glass ceiling: fact or a misguided metaphor?Dowling, GR
2011-01-01The value of a corporate, workplace & social reputation to potential executive employeesAuger, P; Devinney, TM; Dowling, GR; Eckert, C; Perm-Ajchariyawong, N
2008-01What the media is really telling you about your brandDowling, GR; Weeks, W
2016-04-01Winning the reputation game: creating stakeholder value and competitive advantageDowling, GR