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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Dispositifs at Play: Artist's Moving Image in the GalleryMunt, A; Barclay, E; Batty, C; Frankham, B
2018-01-14Documentary, instructions, and experiences of placeFrankham, B
2018-09-02Exploring a new era of screen production research: laying foundations for engagement and impactBatty, C; Berry, M; Frankham, B
2020Grounded Places: Mediating Emotion and EnvironmentCaines, C; Frankham, B
2019-01-01Immersive 360-degree media: Creative practice and research inside and outside of the classroomFerris, G; Dooley, K; Bender, S; Frankham, B; Munt, A; Schlesser, M
-Immersive media practices in the classroom: models of the teaching research nexus in an Australian contextDooley, K; Bender, S; Ferris, G; Frankham, B; Munt, A; Schleser, M
2019-11-23Mobile Reception: Materiality and Locality with Small ScreensFrankham, B; Caines, C; Batty, C; Berry, M; Dooley, K; Frankham, B; Kerrigan, S
2015-02-01Moving beyond evidence: Participatory online documentary practice within the poetic framework of cowbirdFrankham, B
2022-01-01Spaces of engagement–critical aesthetic practice, audience experience and the documentary-like workFrankham, B
2019Understanding the Underlying Principles of the Short FilmSergi, M; Batty, C; Batty, C; Berry, M; Dooley, K; Frankham, B; Kerrigan, S
2019-11-23VR and Screen Education: An Approach to Assist Student Understanding of Narrative Emphasis, Spatiality and Structural Elements within Narrative VRHeyward, M; Batty, C; Berry, M; Dooley, K; Frankham, B; Kerrigan, S
2016-03-01Writing with the small, smart screen: Mobile phones, automated editing and holding on to creative agencyFrankham, B