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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-06-012-Nitro-6-monoacetylmorphine: Potential marker for monitoring the presence of 6-monoacetylmorphine in urine adulterated with potassium nitriteLuong, S; Shimmon, R; Hook, J; Fu, S
2023-04-013-Methoxytyrosine as an indicator of dopaminergic manipulation in equine plasma.Keen, B; Cawley, A; Reedy, B; Noble, G; Loy, J; Fu, S
2019-09-018-Chloroadenosine induces apoptosis in human coronary artery endothelial cells through the activation of the unfolded protein responseTang, V; Fu, S; Rayner, BS; Hawkins, CL
2021-11-05A label-free Exonuclease I-assisted fluorescence aptasensor for highly selective and sensitive detection of silver ions.Wei, Z; Lan, Y; Zhang, C; Jia, J; Niu, W; Wei, Y; Fu, S; Yun, K
2022-09A statistical focus on doping using a metabolomics approachKeen, B; Cawley, A; Reedy, B; Noble, G; Fu, S
2010-04-01Acetaminophen (paracetamol) inhibits myeloperoxidase-catalyzed oxidant production and biological damage at therapeutically achievable concentrationsKoelsch, M; Mallak, R; Graham, GG; Kajer, T; Milligan, MK; Nguyen, LQ; Newsham, DW; Keh, JS; Kettle, AJ; Scott, KF; Ziegler, JB; Pattison, DI; Fu, S; Hawkins, CL; Rees, MD; Davies, MJ
2021-01-26Application of Plasma-Printed Paper-Based SERS Substrate for Cocaine Detection.Alder, R; Hong, J; Chow, E; Fang, J; Isa, F; Ashford, B; Comte, C; Bendavid, A; Xiao, L; Ostrikov, KK; Fu, S; Murphy, AB
2021-07Application of Q-TOF-MS based metabonomics techniques to analyze the plasma metabolic profile changes on rats following death due to acute intoxication of phorate.Wei, Z; Dong, Z; Jia, J; Liang, X; Wang, T; Hu, M; Fu, S; Yun, K
2019-03-04Application of Raman spectroscopy in the detection of cocaine in food matricesBedward, TM; Xiao, L; Fu, S
2002-04-15Biosynthetic incorporation of oxidized amino acids into proteins and their cellular proteolysisRodgers, KJ; Wang, H; Fu, S; Dean, RT
2016-04-01Biotransformation of synthetic cannabinoids JWH-018, JWH-073 and AM2201 by Cunninghamella elegansWatanabe, S; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Winiarski, Z; Fu, S
2017-08-01Cannabidiol in the management of in-patient cannabis withdrawal: Clinical case seriesPokorski, I; Clement, N; Phung, N; Weltman, M; Fu, S; Copeland, J
2011-12-01The Cannabis Withdrawal Scale development: Patterns and predictors of cannabis withdrawal and distressAllsop, DJ; Norberg, MM; Copeland, J; Fu, S; Budney, AJ
2017-08-01Catalytic oxidant scavenging by selenium-containing compounds: Reduction of selenoxides and N-chloramines by thiols and redox enzymesCarroll, L; Pattison, DI; Fu, S; Schiesser, CH; Davies, MJ; Hawkins, CL
-Cathinone TestFu, S; Philp, M; Shimmon, R
2021-02-01Cerebrospinal fluid metabolites in tryptophan-kynurenine and nitric oxide pathways: biomarkers for acute neuroinflammation.Yan, J; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Bandodkar, A; Bandodkar, S; Dale, RC; Fu, S
2021Cerebrospinal fluid metabolomics: detection of neuroinflammation in human central nervous system disease.Yan, J; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Bandodkar, S; Dale, RC; Fu, S
2017-10-01Characterization of hallucinogenic phenethylamines using high-resolution mass spectrometry for non-targeted screening purposesPasin, D; Cawley, A; Bidny, S; Fu, S
2023-01-01CocaineAlonzo, M; Fu, S; Houck, MM
2019-01-01Collision-induced dissociation studies of synthetic opioids for non-targeted analysisKlingberg, J; Cawley, A; Shimmon, R; Fu, S