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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Before #MeToo: Hearing VulnerabilityEvans, M; Hughes, D; Evans, M; Hughes, D
2017-04-01Comparing Generic and Condition-Specific Preference-Based Measures in Epilepsy: EQ-5D-3L and NEWQOL-6DMulhern, B; Pink, J; Rowen, D; Borghs, S; Butt, T; Hughes, D; Marson, A; Brazier, J
2012-05-01The development of a QALY measure for epilepsy: NEWQOL-6DMulhern, B; Rowen, D; Jacoby, A; Marson, T; Snape, D; Hughes, D; Latimer, N; Baker, GA; Brazier, JE
2014A "duty of care" and the professional musician / artistHughes, D; Evans, M; Keith, S; Morrow, G
2005-11Methods for the isolation and identification of Listeria spp. and Listeria monocytogenes: a review.Gasanov, U; Hughes, D; Hansbro, PM
2016-08-18The New Music Industries Disruption and DiscoveryHughes, D; Evans, M; Morrow, G; Keith, S
2013-12-01Redefining the Musical Landscape : Inspired Learning and Innovation in Music EducationHughes, D; Keith, S; Morrow, G; Evans, MS; Crowdy, D
2022-10-25Temperature mapping of non‑photochemical quenching in Chlorella vulgarisHerdean, A-G; Hall, C; Hughes, D; Kuzhiumparambil, U; Campos Diocaretz, B; Ralph, P
2020The Singing Voice in Contemporary CinemaEvans, M; Hughes, D; Evans, M; Hughes, D
2018-05Valuation and IP ManagementMastio, E; Hughes, D; Kinner, C; Collard, J; Pappas,, S
2014-01-01Valuations of epilepsy-specific health states: A comparison of patients with epilepsy and the general populationMulhern, B; Rowen, D; Snape, D; Jacoby, A; Marson, T; Hughes, D; Baker, G; Brazier, J