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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02-18A comparative analysis of single cell small RNA sequencing data reveals heterogeneous isomiR expression and regulation.Smith, CM; Hutvagner, G
2021-07-21Aberration-corrected ultrafine analysis of miRNA reads at single-base resolution: a k-mer lattice approach.Zhang, X; Ping, P; Hutvagner, G; Blumenstein, M; Li, J
2017-06-20Acetyl-α-d-mannopyranose-based cationic polymer via RAFT polymerization for lectin and nucleic acid bindingsTing, SRS; Min, EH; Lau, BKF; Hutvagner, G
2011-11-04Another "Loophole" in miRNA processingBajan, S; Hutvagner, G
2008-01-01Argonaute proteins: Key players in RNA silencingHutvagner, G; Simard, MJ
2021-05-21Author Correction: Triple SILAC identified progestin-independent and dependent PRA and PRB interacting partners in breast cancerPateetin, P; Hutvagner, G; Bajan, S; Padula, MP; McGowan, EM; Boonyaratanakornkit, V
2023-09-27B-288 The Beginning of the End: AGO2 Protein Identified and Validated as a Novel Biomarker for Multi-cancer Diagnosis Through Bioinformatics Analysis and ImmunoassayHashmi, A; Hutvagner, G; Sidhu, S
2013-06-25Biogenesis and the regulation of the maturation of miRNAsTran, N; Hutvagner, G
2022Cell-penetrating peptides containing the progesterone receptor polyproline domain inhibits EGF signaling and cell proliferation in lung cancer cells.Kaewjanthong, P; Sooksai, S; Sasano, H; Hutvagner, G; Bajan, S; McGowan, E; Boonyaratanakornkit, V
2014-01-01Computational analysis, biochemical purification, and detection of tRNA-derived small RNA fragmentsKeam, SP; Sobala, A; Humphreys, DT; Suter, CM; Hutvagner, G
2019-12-24Construction of competing endogenous RNA networks from paired RNA-seq data sets by pointwise mutual informationLan, C; Peng, H; Hutvagner, G; Li, J
2017-03-24Cross disease analysis of co-functional microRNA pairs on a reconstructed network of disease-gene-microRNA tripartitePeng, H; Lan, C; Zheng, Y; Hutvagner, G; Tao, D; Li, J
2022-11-28Density-based detection of cell transition states to construct disparate and bifurcating trajectories.Lan, T; Hutvagner, G; Zhang, X; Liu, T; Wong, L; Li, J
2018-11-13Destabilisation of Argonaute 2 generates a truncated protein: halfAgo2Bajan, S; Johnston, M; Hutvagner, G
2011-04-01An evolutionarily conserved, alternatively spliced, intron in the p68/DDX5 DEAD-box RNA helicase gene encodes a novel miRNAMoore, HC; Johnston, M; Nicol, SM; Bourdon, JC; Thompson, AM; Hutvagner, G; Fuller-Pace, FV
2009-12-01Filtering of deep sequencing data reveals the existence of abundant Dicer-dependent small RNAs derived from tRNAsCole, C; Sobala, A; Lu, C; Thatcher, SR; Bowman, A; Brown, JWS; Green, PJ; Barton, GJ; Hutvagner, G
2010-05-01HSP90 protein stabilizes unloaded argonaute complexes and microscopic P-bodies in human cellsJohnston, M; Geoffroy, MC; Sobala, A; Hay, R; Hutvagner, G
2014-01-01The human Piwi protein Hiwi2 associates with tRNA-derived piRNAs in somatic cellsKeam, SP; Young, PE; McCorkindale, AL; Dang, THY; Clancy, JL; Humphreys, DT; Preiss, T; Hutvagner, G; Martin, DIK; Cropley, JE; Suter, CM
2021-06-02Instance-based error correction for short reads of disease-associated genesZhang, X; Liu, Y; Yu, Z; Blumenstein, M; Hutvagner, G; Li, J
2010-02-01Integration of microRNA changes in vivo identifies novel molecular features of muscle insulin resistance in type 2 diabetesGallagher, IJ; Scheele, C; Keller, P; Nielsen, AR; Remenyi, J; Fischer, CP; Roder, K; Babraj, J; Wahlestedt, C; Hutvagner, G; Pedersen, BK; Timmons, JA