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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Brillouin imaging for studies of micromechanics in biology and biomedicine: from current state-of-the-art to future clinical translationPoon, C; Chou, J; Cortie, M; Kabakova, I
2022-01-01Brillouin light scattering in biological systemsKabakova, I; Scarcelli, G; Yun, SH
-Brillouin microscopy, what is it really measuring?Wu, P-J; Kabakova, I; Ruberti, J; Sherwood, JM; Dunlop, IE; Paterson, C; Török, P; Overby, DR
2022-01-01Integrated Brillouin lasers and their applicationsBlumenthal, DJ; Kabakova, I; Rakich, PT; Vahala, K
2021-05-01Mechanical mapping of bioprinted hydrogel models by brillouin microscopyMahmodi, H; Piloni, A; Utama, RH; Kabakova, I
2022-03-01Micromechanical characterisation of 3D bioprinted neural cell models using Brillouin microspectroscopyRad, MA; Mahmodi, H; Filipe, EC; Cox, TR; Kabakova, I; Tipper, JL
2022-12-01Thermally stable high numerical aperture integrated waveguides and couplers for the 3 mu m wavelength rangeFernandez, TT; Johnston, B; Mahmodi, H; Privat, K; Kabakova, I; Gross, S; Withford, M; Fuerbach, A
2022-06Timothy Grass Pollen Induces Spatial Reorganisation of F-Actin and Loss of Junctional Integrity in Respiratory Cells.Bradbury, P; Cidem, A; Mahmodi, H; Davies, JM; Spicer, PT; Prescott, SW; Kabakova, I; Ong, HX; Traini, D
2021-07-15Towards engineering heart tissues from bioprinted cardiac spheroids.Polonchuk, L; Surija, L; Lee, MH; Sharma, P; Liu Chung Ming, C; Richter, F; Ben-Sefer, E; Alsadat Rad, M; Mahmodi Sheikh Sarmast, H; Al Shamery, W; Tran, HA; Vettori, L; Haeusermann, F; Filipe, EC; Rnjak-Kovacina, J; Cox, T; Tipper, J; Kabakova, I; Gentile, C
2022-08-29Ultrafast laser inscribed waveguides in tailored fluoride glasses: an enabling technology for mid-infrared integrated photonics devices.Fernandez, TT; Johnston, B; Gross, S; Cozic, S; Poulain, M; Mahmodi, H; Kabakova, I; Withford, M; Fuerbach, A