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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01Delivering a large cohort simulation - Beginning nursing students' experience: A pre-post surveyDisler, RT; Rochester, SF; Kelly, MA; White, HL; Forber, J
2021-03Education and training methods for healthcare professionals to lead conversations concerning deceased organ donation: An integrative reviewPotter, JE; Elliott, RM; Kelly, MA; Perry, L
2014-01-01Empowering the registered nurses of tomorrow: Students' perspectives of a simulation experience for recognising and managing a deteriorating patientKelly, MA; Forber, J; Conlon, L; Roche, M; Stasa, H
2016-05-01Enhancing Students' Learning Through Simulation: Dealing With Diverse, Large CohortsKelly, MA; Hopwood, N; Rooney, D; Boud, D
2020-10-01Enhancing students’ preparedness to care for older people: A mixed methods analysisKelly, MA; Slatyer, S; Nichols, P; Osseiran-Moisson, R; Parsons, R; Brand, G
2019-02-01Exploring the extent to which simulation-based education addresses contemporary patient safety priorities: A scoping reviewSeaton, P; Levett-Jones, T; Cant, R; Cooper, S; Kelly, MA; McKenna, L; Ng, L; Bogossian, F
2012-01Extending Patient Simulation A Novel Prototype To Produce Tympanic Thermal OutputKelly, MA; Forbes, JR; Carpenter, C
2012-01Extending patient simulation: A novel prototype to produce tympanic thermal outputKelly, MA; Forbes, JR; Carpenter, C
2014Investigating the use of simulations in enhancing clinical judgement of students to practice as registered nursesKelly, MA
2020-11-01Manifesto for healthcare simulation practicePark, CS; Clark, L; Gephardt, G; Robertson, JM; Miller, J; Downing, DK; Koh, BLS; Bryant, KD; Grant, D; Pai, DR; Gavilanes, JS; Herrera Bastida, EI; Li, L; Littlewood, K; Escudero, E; Kelly, MA; Nestel, D; Rethans, JJ
2017-06-01Need a Simulation Technician? Try Your University's Engineering Internship ProgramKelly, MA; Hayes, C; Abdipranoto, A
2010-03-01Patients' recovery after critical illness at early follow-upKelly, MA; McKinley, S
2016-05-01Simulation in Nursing Education-International Perspectives and Contemporary Scope of PracticeKelly, MA; Berragan, E; Husebø, SE; Orr, F
2017-12-01Simulation-based communication skills training for experienced clinicians to improve family conversations about organ and tissue donationPotter, JE; Gatward, JJ; Kelly, MA; McKay, L; McCann, E; Elliott, RM; Perry, L
2014-01-01Using an objective structured clinical examination for bachelor of midwifery students' preparation for practiceMitchell, ML; Jeffrey, CA; Henderson, A; Glover, P; Nulty, DD; Kelly, MA; Groves, M; Knight, S
2014-02-01What matters most? students' rankings of simulation components that contribute to clinical judgmentKelly, MA; Hager, P; Gallagher, R