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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-01Adolescent exposure to a solid high-fat, high-sugar 'cafeteria' diet leads to more pronounced changes in metabolic measures and gut microbiome composition than liquid sugar in female rats.Kendig, MD; Hasebe, K; McCague, R; Lee, F; Leigh, S-J; Arnold, R; Morris, MJ
-Animal research is saving lives, but funding is needed to improve welfare: Submission to the New South Wales parliamentary inquiryKhoo, SY-S; Kendig, MD; Bradfield, LA
2022-07-25Association learning: Dopamine and the formation of backward associations.Kendig, MD; Bradfield, LA
2022-01-01Chronic exposure to cafeteria-style diet in rats alters sweet taste preference and reduces motivation for, but not 'liking' of sucrose.Fam, J; Clemens, KJ; Westbrook, RF; Morris, MJ; Kendig, MD
2021-02-01Comparable metabolic effects of isocaloric sucrose and glucose solutions in rats.Kendig, MD; Martire, SI; Boakes, RA; Rooney, KB
2016Contexts Paired with Junk Food Impair Goal-Directed Behavior in Rats: Implications for Decision Making in Obesogenic Environments.Kendig, MD; Cheung, AMK; Raymond, JS; Corbit, LH
2023Diet and obesity effects on cue-driven food-seeking: insights from studies of Pavlovian-instrumental transfer in rodents and humans.Gladding, JM; Bradfield, LA; Kendig, MD
2020-08-28Evidence of Altered Peripheral Nerve Function in a Rodent Model of Diet-Induced Prediabetes.Hossain, MJ; Kendig, MD; Wild, BM; Issar, T; Krishnan, AV; Morris, MJ; Arnold, R
2022-11Food for thought: diet-induced impairments to decision-making and amelioration by N-acetylcysteine in male rats.Becchi, S; Hood, J; Kendig, MD; Mohammadkhani, A; Shipman, ML; Balleine, BW; Borgland, SL; Corbit, LH
2016-10-01Individual differences in saccharin acceptance predict rats' food intake.Boakes, RA; Martire, SI; Rooney, KB; Kendig, MD
2022-01-27Male Rat Offspring Are More Impacted by Maternal Obesity Induced by Cafeteria Diet than Females-Additive Effect of Postweaning Diet.Tajaddini, A; Kendig, MD; Prates, KV; Westbrook, RF; Morris, MJ
2021-01-15Mechanisms Underlying the Cognitive and Behavioural Effects of Maternal Obesity.Hasebe, K; Kendig, MD; Morris, MJ
2020Mendacity: The Tendency to Lie or Deceive. A Cautionary Tale in Obesity Research, Stigma, and Headlining.Kendig, MD; Morris, MJ; Samaras, K
2018-05-01Metabolic and cognitive improvement from switching to saccharin or water following chronic consumption by female rats of 10% sucrose solution.Kendig, MD; Fu, MX; Rehn, S; Martire, SI; Boakes, RA; Rooney, KB
2023-06Obesogenic Diet Cycling Produces Graded Effects on Cognition and Microbiota Composition in Rats.Kendig, MD; Leigh, S-J; Hasebe, K; Kaakoush, NO; Westbrook, RF; Morris, MJ
2019-11-01Palatable Western-style Cafeteria Diet as a Reliable Method for Modeling Diet-induced Obesity in Rodents.Leigh, S-J; Kendig, MD; Morris, MJ
2019-09-18Pattern of access to cafeteria-style diet determines fat mass and degree of spatial memory impairments in rats.Kendig, MD; Westbrook, RF; Morris, MJ
2017-06-15Peripheral nerve injury impairs the ability to maintain behavioural flexibility following acute stress in the rat.Mor, D; Kendig, MD; Kang, JWM; Gemikonakli, G; Austin, PJ; Kalman, E; Corbit, LH
2022-03-31Peripheral Neuropathy Phenotyping in Rat Models of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: Evaluating Uptake of the Neurodiab Guidelines and Identifying Future DirectionsHossain, MJ; Kendig, MD; Letton, ME; Morris, MJ; Arnold, R
2019-10-07Polymer brush based fluorescent immunosensor for direct monitoring of interleukin-1β in rat blood.Deng, F; Li, Y; Hossain, MJ; Kendig, MD; Arnold, R; Goldys, EM; Morris, MJ; Liu, G