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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-06-01A review of occluded objects detection in real complex scenarios for autonomous drivingRuan, J; Cui, H; Huang, Y; Li, T; Wu, C; Zhang, K
2021-10-01A review of pivotal energy management strategies for extended range electric vehiclesXiao, B; Ruan, J; Yang, W; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2023-07-01Boosting the Electrochemical Performance of Lithium-Rich Cathodes by Oxygen Vacancy EngineeringFarahmandjou, M; Lai, WH; Safaei, J; Wang, S; Huang, Z; Marlton, F; Ruan, J; Sun, B; Gao, H; Ostrikov, K; Notten, PHL; Wang, G
2019-02-01Clutch-to-clutch gearshift control for multi-speed electric vehicles during regenerative braking eventsWalker, PD; Ruan, J; Zhou, S; Zhang, N
2016-03-01A comparative study energy consumption and costs of battery electric vehicle transmissionsRuan, J; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2015-01-01Comparing of single reduction and CVT based transmissions on battery electric vehicleRuan, J; Zhang, N; Walker, P
2014-01-01Comparing of the effects of CVT and DCT on the EVs including braking energy recoveryRuan, J; Zhang, N; Walker, P
2017-05-06Comparison of effect on motor among 2-, 3- and 4-speed transmission in electric vehicleFang, Y; Ruan, J; Walker, P; Zhang, N
2023-07Cover Feature: Boosting the Electrochemical Performance of Lithium‐Rich Cathodes by Oxygen Vacancy Engineering (Batteries & Supercaps 7/2023)Farahmandjou, M; Lai, W; Safaei, J; Wang, S; Huang, Z; Marlton, F; Ruan, J; Sun, B; Gao, H; Ostrikov, K; Notten, PHL; Wang, G
2018-02-01Development of continuously variable transmission and multi-speed dual-clutch transmission for pure electric vehicleRuan, J; Walker, PD; Wu, J; Zhang, N; Zhang, B
2016-12-01The dynamic performance and economic benefit of a blended braking system in a multi-speed battery electric vehicleRuan, J; Walker, PD; Watterson, PA; Zhang, N
2018-10-01Efficiency comparison of electric vehicles powertrains with dual motor and single motor inputWu, J; Liang, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N; Walker, PD
2020-06-01Efficiency improvement of a novel dual motor powertrain for plug-in hybrid electric busesNguyen, CT; Walker, PD; Zhang, N; Ruan, J
2019-05-01Energy management and shifting stability control for a novel dual input clutchless transmission systemWu, H; Walker, P; Wu, J; Liang, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N
2017-11-01Enhanced regenerative braking strategies for electric vehicles: Dynamic performance and potential analysisXiao, B; Lu, H; Wang, H; Ruan, J; Zhang, N
2019-03-01Gearshift and brake distribution control for regenerative braking in electric vehicles with dual clutch transmissionLiang, J; Walker, PD; Ruan, J; Yang, H; Wu, J; Zhang, N
2017-01-01An investigation of hybrid energy storage system in multi-speed electric vehicleRuan, J; Walker, PD; Zhang, N; Wu, J
2020-03-15Investigation of integrated uninterrupted dual input transmission and hybrid energy storage system for electric vehiclesYang, W; Ruan, J; Yang, J; Zhang, N
2018-09-01Modelling and control of a novel two-speed transmission for electric vehiclesTian, Y; Ruan, J; Zhang, N; Wu, J; Walker, P
2018-11-01A novel shift control concept for multi-speed electric vehiclesMo, W; Walker, PD; Fang, Y; Wu, J; Ruan, J; Zhang, N