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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-28A CFD-DEM Model for Particle Transport in AirwaysIslam, MS; Larpruenrudee, P; Rahman, MM; Luo, Z; Sauret, E; Gu, Y
2016-12-01A coupled SPH-DEM approach to model the interactions between multiple red blood cells in motion in capillariesPolwaththe-Gallage, HN; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Flower, R; Gu, Y
2021-09-01A multiscale modeling method incorporating spatial coupling and temporal coupling into transient simulations of the human airwaysFan, Z; Holmes, DW; Sauret, E; Islam, MS; Saha, SC; Ristovski, Z; Gu, YT
2023-11A novel design for faster hydrogen storage: A combined semi-cylindrical and central return tube heat exchangerLarpruenrudee, P; Bennett, NS; Luo, Z; Fitch, R; Sauret, E; Islam, MS
2017-01-01Analysis of particle-laden fluid flows, tortuosity and particle-fluid behaviour in metal foam heat exchangersKuruneru, STW; Sauret, E; Vafai, K; Saha, SC; Gu, YT
2019-04-01A coarse-grained red blood cell membrane model to study stomatocyte-discocyteechinocyte morphologiesGeekiyanage, NM; Balanant, MA; Sauret, E; Saha, S; Flower, R; Lim, CT; Gu, YT
2019-09-01A Comparative Study of Mixed Resolved–Unresolved CFD-DEM and Unresolved CFD-DEM Methods for the Solution of Particle-Laden Liquid FlowsKuruneru, STW; Marechal, E; Deligant, M; Khelladi, S; Ravelet, F; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Gu, Y
2018-04-06Coupled CFD-DEM simulation of oscillatory particle-laden fluid flow through a porous metal foam heat exchanger: Mitigation of particulate foulingKuruneru, STW; Sauret, E; Saha, SC; Gu, YT
2017-01-01A coupled finite volume & discrete element method to examine particulate foulant transport in metal foam heat exchangersKuruneru, STW; Sauret, E; Saha, SC; Gu, YT
2020-02-25Deformation behaviour of stomatocyte, discocyte and echinocyte red blood cell morphologies during optical tweezers stretching.Geekiyanage, NM; Sauret, E; Saha, SC; Flower, RL; Gu, YT
2019-12-01Euler-Lagrange Prediction of Diesel-Exhaust Polydisperse Particle Transport and Deposition in Lung: Anatomy and Turbulence EffectsIslam, MS; Saha, SC; Gemci, T; Yang, IA; Sauret, E; Ristovski, Z; Gu, YT
2019-01-01Euler–Lagrange approach to investigate respiratory anatomical shape effects on aerosol particle transport and depositionIslam, MS; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Ong, H; Young, P; Gu, YT
2023-06-01How microplastics are transported and deposited in realistic upper airways?Islam, MS; Rahman, M; Larpruenrudee, P; Arsalanloo, A; Beni, HM; Islam, A; Gu, Y; Sauret, E
2024-03Investigation of metal hydride hydrogen storage performance using phase change materialsLarpruenrudee, P; Bennett, NS; Fitch, R; Sauret, E; Gu, Y; Islam, MS
2017-12-19Investigation of red blood cell mechanical properties using AFM indentation and coarse-grained particle methodBarns, S; Balanant, MA; Sauret, E; Flower, R; Saha, S; Gu, YT
2019-06-01Modeling of mass transfer enhancement in a magnetofluidic micromixerKumar, C; Hejazian, M; From, C; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Gu, Y; Nguyen, NT
2020-05-01Modelling of red blood cell morphological and deformability changes during in-vitro storageGeekiyanage, N; Sauret, E; Saha, S; Flower, R; Gu, YT
2019-06-10Modelling the deformation behavior of stomatocyte, discocyte and echinocyte red blood cell morphologies during optical tweezers stretchingGeekiyanage, N; Sauret, E; Saha, S; Flower, R; Gu, Y; Nithiarasu, P; Ohta, M; Oshima, M
2017-08-13A Novel Experimental Method to Assess Particle Deposition in Idealized Porous ChannelsWickramasooriya Kuruneru, ST; Sauret, E; Saha, SC; Gu, YT
2018-01-01A novel numerical model to predict the morphological behavior of magnetic liquid marbles using coarse grained molecular dynamics conceptsPolwaththe-Gallage, HN; Sauret, E; Nguyen, NT; Saha, SC; Gu, Y