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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-07-19Adversarial Action Data Augmentation for Similar Gesture Action RecognitionWu, D; Chen, J; Sharma, N; Pan, S; Long, G; Blumenstein, M
2008-01Advertising agency engagement and regulatory empowerment in the world of new mediaDickinson, S; Waller, DS; Kerr, G; Mortimer, K; Spanjaard, D; Denize, S; Sharma, N
2020-11-25Automated Monitoring in Maritime Video Surveillance SystemNalamati, M; Sharma, N; Saqib, M; Blumenstein, M
2008-01Brand awareness of new technology in the introduction stage: A study of Blu-Ray vs HD-DVD formatWaller, DS; Wang, PZ; Oppewal, H; Morrison, MD; Spanjaard, D; Denize, S; Sharma, N
2006-01The commitment mix: Dimensions of commitment in international trading relationships in IndiaSharma, N; Young, LC; Wilkinson, I
-COVID-19 Detection from Radiographs: Is Deep Learning Able to Handle the Crisis?Saqib, M; Anwar, A; Anwar, S; Petersson, L; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2019-01-01Crowd Counting in Low-Resolution Crowded Scenes Using Region-Based Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksSaqib, M; Khan, SD; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2021-05Current-status and applications of polysaccharides in drug delivery systemsPrasher, P; Sharma, M; Mehta, M; Satija, S; Aljabali, AA; Tambuwala, MM; Anand, K; Sharma, N; Dureja, H; Jha, NK; Gupta, G; Gulati, M; Singh, SK; Chellappan, DK; Paudel, KR; Hansbro, PM; Dua, K
2017-01-01Deep Learning Based Face Recognition with Sparse Representation ClassificationCheng, EJ; Prasad, M; Puthal, D; Sharma, N; Prasad, OK; Chin, PH; Lin, CT; Blumenstein, M; Liu, D; Xie, S; Li, Y; Zhao, D; ElAlfy, ESM
2019-09-01Drone detection in long-range surveillance videosNalamati, M; Kapoor, A; Saqib, M; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2017-10-20Drone-vs-Bird detection challenge at IEEE AVSS2017Coluccia, A; Ghenescu, M; Piatrik, T; De Cubber, G; Schumann, A; Sommer, L; Klatte, J; Schuchert, T; Beyerer, J; Farhadi, M; Amandi, R; Aker, C; Kalkan, S; Saqib, M; Sharma, N; Makkah, SDK; Blumenstein, M
2020-01-01Dynamic Ranking System of Cloud SaaS Based on Consumer Preferences - Find SaaS M2NFCPIkram, MA; Sharma, N; Raza, M; Hussain, FK
2008-01E-Novation: An offbeat view of innovation, e-marketing and a new collaborative information platformPattinson, HM; Low, D; Spanjaard, D; Denize, S; Sharma, N
2019-02-04An End-to-End Hierarchical Classification Approach for Similar Gesture RecognitionWu, D; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2020-11Enhancement in brain uptake of vitamin D<sub>3</sub> nanoemulsion for treatment of cerebral ischemia: formulation, gamma scintigraphy and efficacy study in transient middle cerebral artery occlusion rat models.Kumar, M; Nishad, DK; Kumar, A; Bhatnagar, A; Karwasra, R; Khanna, K; S, K; Sharma, D; Dua, K; Mudaliyar, V; Sharma, N
2008-01The Ethics of the New Philosophy of Invisible MarketingGreenacre, LM; Chung, A; Spanjaard, D; Denize, S; Sharma, N
2022-01-01Exploring Transformers for Intruder Detection in Complex Maritime EnvironmentNalamati, M; Saqib, M; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2018-07-03Extracting descriptive motion information from crowd scenesSaqib, M; Daud Khan, S; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M
2021-01-01Fooling intrusion detection systems using adversarially autoencoderChen, J; Wu, D; Zhao, Y; Sharma, N; Blumenstein, M; Yu, S
2014-01-01Gradient-angular-features for word-wise video script identificationShivakumara, P; Sharma, N; Pal, U; Blumenstein, M; Tan, CL