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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-0114 Cathodoluminescence microanalysis of ZnO nanowiresTon-That, C; Phillips, MR
2023-10-15Bandgap narrowing and hole self-trapping reduction in Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> by Bi<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf> alloyingMatar, F; Shi, YL; Ling, FCC; Salih, A; Irvine, CP; De Silva, S; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2008-12-01Blue shift in the luminescence spectra of MEH-PPV films containing ZnO nanoparticlesTon-That, C; Phillips, MR; Nguyen, TP
2006Cathodoluminescence as a method of extracting detailed information from nanophotonics systems: a study of silicon nanocrystalsDowd, A; Johansson, B; Armstrong, N; Ton-That, C; Phillips, M; Abbott, D; Kivshar, YS; RubinszteinDunlop, HH; Fan, S
2010-12-01Cathodoluminescence characterisation of vapour transport grown ZnO structuresFoley, M; Ton-That, C; Phillips, MR
2008-12-29Cathodoluminescence inhomogeneity in ZnO nanorodsFoley, M; Ton-That, C; Phillips, MR
2015-04-02Cathodoluminescence microanalysis of ZnO nanowiresTon-That, C; Phillips, MR
2020-02-24Cathodoluminescence study of electric field induced migration of defects in single crystal m-plane ZnOManyam, J; Ton-That, C; Phillips, MR
2012-09-10Characteristics of point defects in the green luminescence from Zn- and O-rich ZnOTon-That, C; Weston, L; Phillips, MR
2017-03-20Charge state switching of Cu acceptors in ZnO nanorodsRahman, MA; Westerhausen, MT; Nenstiel, C; Choi, S; Hoffmann, A; Gentle, A; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2020-05-21Chemical structure and optical signatures of nitrogen acceptors in MgZnOZakria, M; Bove, P; Rogers, DJ; Teherani, FH; Sandana, EV; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2017-10-01Chemical, vibrational and optical signatures of nitrogen in ZnO nanowiresZhu, L; Khachadorian, S; Hoffmann, A; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2015-07-21Coalescence of ZnO nanowires grown from monodisperse Au nanoparticlesZhu, L; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2014-01-01Controlling the visible luminescence in hydrothermal ZnOLem, LLC; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2022-01-01Convertible Green Luminescence Determined by Surface Band Bending in ZnOWang, Z; Wang, Z; Rahman, MA; Ton-That, C; Ling, FCC
2017-12-01Correction: Radiative recombination of confined electrons at the MgZnO/ZnO heterojunction interface (Scientific Reports (2017) 7 (457) DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-07568-z)Choi, S; Rogers, DJ; Sandana, EV; Bove, P; Teherani, FH; Nenstiel, C; Hoffmann, A; McClintock, R; Razeghi, M; Look, D; Gentle, A; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2022-04-25Correlation between small polaron tunneling relaxation and donor ionization in Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>Shi, YL; Huang, D; Ling, FCC; Tian, QS; Liao, LS; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2012-05-05Correlation between the structural and optical properties of Mn-doped ZnO nanoparticlesTon-That, C; Foley, M; Phillips, MR; Tsuzuki, T; Smith, Z
2020-02-13Correlative Study of Enhanced Excitonic Emission in ZnO Coated with Al Nanoparticles using Electron and Laser Excitation.Fiedler, S; Lem, LOLC; Ton-That, C; Schleuning, M; Hoffmann, A; Phillips, MR
2022-09-23Defect Compensation in Nitrogen-Doped β-Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>Nanowires: Implications for Bipolar Nanoscale DevicesYamamura, K; Zhu, L; Irvine, CP; Scott, JA; Singh, M; Jallandhra, A; Bansal, V; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C