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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-01Achieving a designed customer experience across multiple delivery platforms: A telco perspectiveBarker, T; Haeusler, M; Nalbant, MG; Kara, T
2010-01A competitive game-based method for brainstorming and evaluating early stage design ideas in terms of their likelihood of success in the marketplaceBarker, T; Durling, D; Bousbaci, R; Chen, L; Gauthier, P; Poldma, T; Roworth-Stokes, S; Stolterman, E
2011-01Design and Geographically Liberated DifferenceHall, A; Barker, T
2010-01Design collectives in education: evaluating the atelier format and the use of teaching narrative for collective cultural and creative learning, and the subsequent impact on professional practiceBarker, T; Hall, A; Edquist, H; Vaughan, L
2011-01e-Artisans: contemporary design for the global market Fostering creative industries in a developing country through design collaboration and e-commerce with the GoGlobal Ghana 2009 project.Barker, T; Hall, A; Adamson, G; Riello, G; Teasley, S
-"Future of Design in Business" 2006 Fellowship OutputsBarker, T; NA
2009-01GoGlobal: How can contemporary design collaboration and e-commerce models grow the creative industries in developing countries?Barker, T; Hall, A; -
2010-01The impact of modular product design on innovation compared with design from first principlesBarker, T; Kokotovich, V; Durling, DEA
2010-01Interactive Polymedia Pixel and Protocol for Collaborative creative content generation on urban digital media displaysBarker, T; Haeusler, M; Beilharz, KA; Nalbant, MGK; Kara, T
2009-01Investigating Political and Demographic Factors in Crowd Based InterfacesBarker, T; Haeusler, M; McGuire, F; McDermott, J; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J; Viller, S
-JanusBarker, T; Haeusler, M; Mary-Anne Kyriakou
2011-12-01Last train to trancentral: From infrastructure to 'info'structure - A case study of embedding digital technology into existing public transport infrastructuresBarker, T; Gardner, N; Haeusler, MH; Tomitsch, M
-Reggiani Maantis LightBarker, T; NA
-SmartSlab Digital Media SystemBarker, T; NA
2010-11-08Technological change: Educating for extreme collaborationKokotovich, V; Barker, T
2010-01Urban Digital Media: facilitating the intersection between science, the arts and culture in the arena of technology and buildingBarker, T; Haeusler, M; Dave, B; I-Kang Li, A; Gu, N; Park, HJ
-Video Media TV CityscapeBarker, T; Farrell, ST; Architect