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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-11-01A 3D bioprinted decellularized extracellular matrix/gelatin/quaternized chitosan scaffold assembling with poly(ionic liquid)s for skin tissue engineering.Xu, J; Fang, H; Su, Y; Kang, Y; Xu, D; Cheng, YY; Nie, Y; Wang, H; Liu, T; Song, K
2016-10-01Aspect learning for multimedia summarization via nonparametric BayesianWu, F; Fang, H; Li, X; Tang, S; Lu, W; Yang, Y; Zhu, W; Zhuang, Y
2004-01Assessing the Impact of Welfare Reform on Single MothersFang, H; Keane, M
2022-01-01Conditional Variational Autoencoder with Balanced Pre-training for Generative Adversarial NetworksYao, Y; Wang, X; Ma, Y; Fang, H; Wei, J; Chen, L; Anaissi, A; Braytee, A
2003-01Enhancing the Quality of e-Service in Consulting Industry Using Case-Reference-Net CBR TechniqueLin, L; Lu, J; Song, L; Huang, W; Ling, H; Fang, H
2022-01-01Inactivation of antibiotic resistant bacterium Escherichia coli by electrochemical disinfection on molybdenum carbide electrode.Liu, Y; Zhang, S; Fang, H; Wang, Q; Jiang, S; Zhang, C; Qiu, P
2022-01-01Neuron-Network-Based Mixture Probability Model for Passenger Walking Time Distribution EstimationFang, H; Chen, CH; Chen, D; Hwang, FJ
2019-06-01Sediment load change with erosion processes under simulated rainfall eventsSun, L; Fang, H; Cai, Q; Yang, X; He, J; Zhou, JL; Wang, X
2008-04Sources of advantageous selection: Evidence from the Medigap insurance marketFang, H; Keane, MP; Silverman, D
2007-05-01Testing the mechanisms of structural models: The case of the mickey mantle effectFang, H; Keane, M; Khwaja, A; Salm, M; Silverman, D
2022-12-20Travel Time Prediction Method Based on Spatial-Feature-based Hierarchical Clustering and Deep Multi-input Gated Recurrent UnitFang, H; Liu, Y; Chen, CH; Hwang, FJ