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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Activist Citizenship EducationHeggart, K
2019-07Civics and citizenship education: What have we learned and what does it mean for the future of Australian democracy?Heggart, K; Arvanitakis, J; Matthews, I
2019-01-01Collaborative coteaching (CCT): Practitioner learning through shared praxisYoo, J; Heggart, K; Burridge, N
2021-03-14Different Hats, Different Voices, Different Jobs: The Pracademic ExperienceHeggart, K; Michael Morris, S; Rai, L; Littleton, K
2021-01-01Education focused pracademics on twitter: building democratic foraKolber, S; Heggart, K
2013Finding their voice: Hip hop in schoolsHeggart, K
2021-05-30Formulated Professional Identity of Learning Designers and the Role of Open Education in Maintaining that IdentityHeggart, K
2017-02-17Hip-Hop Music as a Pedagogical ToolHorton, AM; Byker, EJ; Heggart, K
2020-06-27Justice-oriented, ‘thick’ approaches to citizenship education in Australia: Examples of PracticeFlowers, R; Heggart, K; Peterson, A; Stahl, G; Soong, H
2019Justice-Oriented, “Thick” Approaches to Civics and Citizenship Education in Australia: Examples of PracticeHeggart, K; Flowers, R
-Leveraging Social Media and Scholarly Discussion for Educator EmpowermentKolber, S; Nicoll, S; McGraw, K; Gaube, N; Heggart, K
2021-02-16MicrocredentialsHeggart, K; Dickson-Deane, C
2021No Minister. Examining recent commentary on the draft Australian History and Civics and Citizenship curriculumBrett, P; Heggart, K; Fenton, S
2018-12-01Refreshing critical pedagogy and citizenship education through the lens of justice and complexity pedagogyHeggart, K; Flowers, R; Burridge, N; Arvanitakis, J
2015Social capital and civics and citizenship: Developing a framework for activist educationHeggart, K
2012Synthesizing participatory human rights education and critical consciousness in Australian schoolsHeggart, K; Mitchell, R; Moore, S
2020-09-07The path towards a socially just learning designHeggart, K; Dickson-Deane, C; Novak, K; Cuthbert, R; Gresham, R
2021-06-30What should learning designers learn?Heggart, K; Dickson-Deane, C