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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-17360 degree representation: desktop virtual reality combined with analytics in the primary school classroomMaher, D; Buchanan, J
2012-10-01A final report: An evaluation study of PLANEMaher, D
2006Access issues : the computer as a communication tool for primary school childrenMaher, D
2020Altered Realities: How virtual and augmented realities are supporting learningMaher, D; Keengwa, J
2023-09-18Artificial intelligence and literacy development in K-12 schoolsMaher, D; Young, K
2019-11-30Barriers of ICT use in EFL teacher education courses in Nepal: An activity theory perspectiveLaudari, S; Maher, D
2008-12-08'Becoming and being writers': The experiences of doctoral students in writing groupsMaher, D; Seaton, L; McMullen, C; Fitzgerald, T; Otsuji, E; Lee, A
2023-08-18Blended Learning for Pre-Service TeachersMaher, D
2017-01-02Bring your own device–a snapshot of two Australian primary schoolsMaher, D; Twining, P
2023-01-01Collaborative Learning in Schools With Social Media: A Social Constructivist ViewMaher, D
2015-10-01Connecting classroom and museum learning with mobile devicesMaher, D
2022-01-01Connecting Students on Hospital Wards to Hospital Classrooms and the Community Using Video Conferencing TechnologiesMaher, D
2018-08-08Creating opportunities for untethered learningSchuck, S; Maher, D
2013-12-01Cyber safety and young people: From practice to policyMaher, D
2008-01Cyberbullying: An ethnographic study of one Australian upper primary school classMaher, D
2011-01Differences In Benthic Metabolism, Nutrient Fluxes, And Denitrification In Caulerpa Taxifolia Communities Compared To Uninvaded Bare Sediment And Seagrass (zostera Capricorni) HabitatsEyre, B; Maher, D; Oakes, J; Erler, D; Glasby, T
2019-01-01Digitally enhanced learning spaces: A new Innovation?Maher, D
2012-01Driving Pre-Service Science Teachers' TPACK Development Through Their Generative Use Of Digital VideoKearney, MD; Pressick-Kilborn, KJ; Maher, D; Resta, P
2018-08-08The ‘foreign’ language teacher: negotiating the culture of a school when unfamiliar with the language of instructionBuchanan, J; Maher, D
-Generative AI in the Australian education system: An open data set of stakeholder recommendations and emerging analysis from a public inquiryKnight, S; Dickson-Deane, C; Heggart, K; Kitto, K; Çetindamar Kozanoğlu, D; Maher, D; Narayan, B; Zarrabi, F