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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20122012 Australian Census of Women in LeadershipEOWA, EOFWITWA; Clarke, T; Nielsen, BB; Nielsen, S; Klettner, AL; Boersma, M
Jan-2010The Contribution Of Women On Boards Of Directors: Going Beyond The SurfaceNielsen, S; Huse, M
1-Nov-2013A cross-sectional analysis of over-the-counter codeine use among an Australian sample of people who regularly inject drugsArora, S; Roxburgh, A; Bruno, R; Nielsen, S; Burns, L
Jan-2009Learning and innovation in international strategic alliances : An empirical test of the role of trust and tacitnessNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S
1-Mar-2014Micro-fabricated polydimethyl siloxane (PDMS) surfaces regulate the development of marine microbial biofilm communitiesLing, GC; Low, MH; Erken, M; Longford, S; Nielsen, S; Poole, AJ; Steinberg, P; McDougald, D; Kjelleberg, S
1-Dec-2017Microbial communities in marine sediments modify success of an invasive macrophyteGribben, PE; Nielsen, S; Seymour, JR; Bradley, DJ; West, MN; Thomas, T
Jan-2010A multilevel approach to understanding the multinationality-performance relationshipNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S; Devinney, T; Pedersen, T; Tihanyl, L
Jan-2011The role of top management team international orientation in international strategic decision-making: The choice of foreign entry modeNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S
Jan-2009Top management team diversity: A review of theories and methodologiesNielsen, S
Jan-2010Top Management Team Internationalisation And Firm PerformanceNielsen, S
Jan-2013Top Management Team Nationality Diversity And Firm Performance: A Multilevel StudyNielsen, BB; Nielsen, S
Jan-2009Transcending borders with international top management teams: A study of European financial multinational corporationsGreve, P; Nielsen, S; Ruigrok, W
Jan-2009Women and employee-elected board members, and their contributions to board control tasksHuse, M; Hagen, IM; Nielsen, S
Jan-2010Women directors' contribution to board decision-making and strategic involvement: The role of equality perceptionNielsen, S; Huse, M
Jan-2009Women directors, board working style and board task performanceNielsen, S; Huse, M