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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Absorption correction of Fe Lab emission from iron oxidesRemond, L; Fialin, M; Nockolds, C; Roques-Carmes, C; Phillips, M; Voelkl E; Piston D; Gauvin R; Lockley AJ; Bailey GW; Mickernan S
Jan-2007Annealing Of ZnS Nanocrystals Grown By Colloidal SynthesisMotlan, M; Zhu, G; Gh, D; McBean, KE; Phillips, M; Goldys, EM
Jan-2006Apparent band-gap shift in InN films grown by remote-plasma-enhanced CVDChen, P; Butcher, KS; Wintrebert-Fouquet, M; Wuhrer, R; Phillips, M; Prince, K; Timmers, H; Shrestha, S; Usher, BF
Jan-2004Atomic layer deposition of thin films of ZnSe - structural and optical characterizationGuziewicz, E; Godlewski, M; Kopalko, K; Lusakowska, E; Dynowska, E; Guziewicz, M; Godlewski, MM; Phillips, M
Jan-2009Being Here: Designing for Distributed Hands-On Collaboration in Blended Interaction SpacesBroughton, M; Paay, J; Kjeldskov, J; O'Hara, K; Li, J; Phillips, M; Rittenbruch, M; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J
Jan-2008Blue shift in the luminescence spectra of MEH-PPV films containing ZnO nanoparticlesTon-That, C; Phillips, M; Nguyen, T
Jan-2011Bound Excitons In Zno: Structural Defect Complexes Versus Shallow Impurity CentersWagner, MR; Callsen, G; Reparaz, J; Schulze, J; Kirste, R; Cobet, M; Ostapenko, I; Rodt, S; Nenstiel, C; Kaiser, M; Hoffmann, AV; Rodina, A; Phillips, M; Lautenschlager, S; Eisermann, S; Meyer, BK
Jan-2006Carrier diffusion processes near threading dislocations in GaN and GaN:Si characterized by low voltage cathodoluminescencePauc, N; Phillips, M; Aimez, V; Drouin, D
2006Carrier recombination near threading dislocations in GaN epilayers by low voltage cathodoluminescencePauc, N; Aimez, V; Drouin, D; Phillips, M
Jan-2004Cathodoluminescence and atomic force microscopy study of n-type doped GaN epilayersGodlewski, M; Lusakowska, E; Bozek, R; Goldys, EM; Phillips, M; Bottcher, T; Figge, S; Hommel, D
Jan-2001Cathodoluminescence and Depth-Profiling Cathodoluminescence Studies of Interface properties in MOCVD-Grown InGaN/GaN/Sapphire Structures: Role of GaN Buffer LayerGodlewski, M; Goldys, EM; Phillips, M; Pakula, K; Baranowski, J
2006Cathodoluminescence as a method of extracting detailed information from nanophotonics systems: a study of silicon nanocrystalsDowd, A; Johansson, B; Armstrong, N; Ton-That, C; Phillips, M; Abbott, D; Kivshar, YS; RubinszteinDunlop, HH; Fan, S
Jan-2010Cathodoluminescence characterisation of vapour transport grown ZnO structuresFoley, M; Ton-That, C; Phillips, M; Andrew Dzurak
Jan-2003Cathodoluminescence efficiency dependence on excitation density in n-type gallium nitridePhillips, M; Telg, H; Kucheyev, SO; Gelhausen, O; Toth, M
Jan-2001Cathodoluminescence Emission for Differentiating the Degree of Carbonation in ApatitesWhittall, A; Phillips, M; Suetsugu, Y; Giannini, S; Moroni, A
Jan-2008Cathodoluminescence Inhomogeneity In ZnO NanorodsFoley, M; Ton-That, C; Phillips, M
Jan-2001Cathodoluminescence Investigations of Interfaces in InGaN/Sapphire StructuresGodlewski, M; Goldys, EM; Butcher, KS; Phillips, M; Pakula, K; Baranowski, J
Jan-2006Cathodoluminescence microscopy and spectroscopy of opto-electronic materialsPhillips, M
Jan-2003Cathodoluminescence profiling of InGaN-based quantum well sturctures and laser diodes - in-plane instabilities of light emissionGodlewski, MM; Ivanov, V; Goldys, EM; Phillips, M; Böttcher, T; Figge, S; Hommel, D; Czernecki, R; Prystawko, P; Leszczynski, M; Perlin, P; Grzegory, I; Porowski, S
Jan-2004Cathodoluminescence properties of zinc oxide nanoparticlesPhillips, M; Gelhausen, O; Goldys, EM