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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Approaching coherence : reflections on a writing practiceScott, JA
2019-03-01Conversion of single crystals of a nickel(II) dithiocarbamate complex to nickel sulfide crystalsAngeloski, A; Cortie, MB; Scott, JA; Bordin, DM; McDonagh, AM
2022-09-23Defect Compensation in Nitrogen-Doped β-Ga<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>Nanowires: Implications for Bipolar Nanoscale DevicesYamamura, K; Zhu, L; Irvine, CP; Scott, JA; Singh, M; Jallandhra, A; Bansal, V; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2017-09-15Determinants of breastfeeding initiation among mothers in Sydney, Australia: Findings from a birth cohort studyArora, A; Manohar, N; Hayen, A; Bhole, S; Eastwood, J; Levy, S; Scott, JA
2020-07-27Determinants of Full Breastfeeding at 6 Months and Any Breastfeeding at 12 and 24 Months among Women in Sydney: Findings from the HSHK Birth Cohort Study.Chimoriya, R; Scott, JA; John, JR; Bhole, S; Hayen, A; Kolt, GS; Arora, A
2018-08-17A facile method for bright, colour-tunable light-emitting diodes based on Ga-doped ZnO nanorodsRahman, MA; Scott, JA; Gentle, A; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C
2020-10-30Factors Influencing the Early Introduction of Sugar Sweetened Beverages among Infants: Findings from the HSHK Birth Cohort Study.Irvine, V; John, JR; Scott, JA; Hayen, A; Do, LG; Bhole, S; Ha, D; Kolt, GS; Arora, A
2018-02-19From Lead(II) Dithiocarbamate Precursors to a Fast Response PbS Positive Temperature Coefficient ThermistorAngeloski, A; Gentle, AR; Scott, JA; Cortie, MB; Hook, JM; Westerhausen, MT; Bhadbhade, M; Baker, AT; McDonagh, AM
2021-06-29Impact of Dietary Trajectories on Obesity and Dental Caries in Preschool Children: Findings from the Healthy Smiles Healthy Kids Study.Manohar, N; Hayen, A; Scott, JA; Do, LG; Bhole, S; Arora, A
2018-09-07In situ study of the precursor conversion reactions during solventless synthesis of Co<inf>9</inf>S<inf>8</inf>, Ni<inf>3</inf>S<inf>2</inf>, Co and Ni nanowiresScott, JA; Angeloski, A; Aharonovich, I; Lobo, CJ; McDonagh, A; Toth, M
2022-10-26Nanoscale 3D Tomography by In-Flight Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Atoms Sputtered by a Focused Ion Beam.Budnik, G; Scott, JA; Jiao, C; Maazouz, M; Gledhill, G; Fu, L; Tan, HH; Toth, M
2023-09-22Nanoscale Titanium Surface Engineering via Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Etching for Enhanced Antimicrobial Properties.Morel, J; McNeilly, O; Grundy, S; Brown, T; Gunawan, C; Amal, R; Scott, JA
2023-01-01Quantum microscopy with van der Waals heterostructuresHealey, AJ; Scholten, SC; Yang, T; Scott, JA; Abrahams, GJ; Robertson, IO; Hou, XF; Guo, YF; Rahman, S; Lu, Y; Kianinia, M; Aharonovich, I; Tetienne, JP
2017-03-03Room-Temperature Single-Photon Emission from Oxidized Tungsten Disulfide MultilayersTran, TT; Choi, S; Scott, JA; Xu, ZQ; Zheng, C; Seniutinas, G; Bendavid, A; Fuhrer, MS; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2022-10-11Suppression of Surface Roughening during Ion Bombardment of SemiconductorsScott, JA; Bishop, J; Toth, M
2016-02-07Versatile method for template-free synthesis of single crystalline metal and metal alloy nanowiresScott, JA; Totonjian, D; Martin, AA; Tran, TT; Fang, J; Toth, M; McDonagh, AM; Aharonovich, I; Lobo, CJ