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2012Effective inhibition of the early copper ion burst release with ultra-fine grained copper and single crystal copper for intrauterine device applicationXu, XX; Nie, FL; Wang, YB; Zhang, JX; Zheng, W; Li, L; Zheng, YF
2013Electrospun Chitosan-graft-PLGA nanofibres with significantly enhanced hydrophilicity and improved mechanical propertyLi, A; Sun, ZZ; Zhou, M; Xu, XX; Ma, JY; Zheng, W; Zhou, HM; Li, L; Zheng, YF
Jan-2013Enhanced hydrogen sensing properties of graphene by introducing a mono-atom-vacancyJiang, Q; Ao, Z; Zheng, W; Li, S; Jiang, Q
2012Immobilizing natural macromolecule on PLGA electrospun nanofiber with surface entrapment and entrapment-graft techniquesMeng, ZX; Zeng, QT; Sun, ZZ; Xu, XX; Wang, YS; Zheng, W; Zheng, YF
Jan-2013Modeling And Analysis Of Dry Friction In Micro-forming Of MetalsZheng, W; Wang, G; Zhao, G; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
Jan-2012A Multi-region Model For Numerical Simulation Of Micro Bulk FormingWang, G; Zheng, W; Wu, T; Jiang, H; Zhao, G; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
2011A novel amperometric hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on electrospun Hb-collagen compositeGuo, F; Xu, XX; Sun, ZZ; Zhang, JX; Meng, ZX; Zheng, W; Zhou, HM; Wang, BL; Zheng, YF
2011A novel amperometric hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on immobilized Hb in Pluronic P123-nanographene platelets compositeXu, XX; Zhang, JX; Guo, F; Zheng, W; Zhou, HM; Wang, BL; Zheng, YF; Wang, YB; Cheng, Y; Lou, X; Jang, BZ
2014A novel biofuel cell based on electrospun collagen-carbon nanotube nanofibresZheng, W; Ma, JY; Guo, F; Li, J; Zhou, HM; Xu, XX; Li, L; Zheng, YF
2013A novel copper/polydimethiylsiloxane nanocomposite for copper-containing intrauterine contraceptive devicesXu, XX; Ding, MH; Zhang, JX; Zheng, W; Li, L; Zheng, YF
Jun-2014A novel hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on hemoglobin-collagen-CNTs composite nanofibers.Li, J; Mei, H; Zheng, W; Pan, P; Sun, XJ; Li, F; Guo, F; Zhou, HM; Ma, JY; Xu, XX; Zheng, YF
2011Preparation and characterization of electrospun PLGA/gelatin nanofibers as a potential drug delivery systemMeng, ZX; Xu, XX; Zheng, W; Zhou, HM; Li, L; Zheng, YF; Lou, X
Jan-2012Study On The Effects Of Polycrystal Grain Orientations On Indentation HardnessZheng, W; Wang, G; Lin, X; Jiang, H; Wei, D; Jiang, Z
Jan-2010Understanding Sources Of Variation In Syndromic Surveillance For Early Warning Of Natural Or Intentional Disease OutbreaksSparks, R; Carter, C; Graham, P; Muscatello, D; Churches, T; Kaldor, J; Turner, R; Zheng, W; Ryan, LM
Jan-2005Zhanzheng dui xiandai Zhongguo funü canzheng yundong de yinxiang:'weji nüxing' de wenti ( The impact of war on women's suffrage in China: the problem of 'crisis femininity'Edwards, LP; Zheng, W; Yan, C