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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-01-01From mentoring to monitoring: The impact of changing work environments on academics in Australian universitiesBuchanan, J; Gordon, S; Schuck, S
2009From mentoring to monitoring: the impact of changing work environments on academics in Australian universitiesGordon, S; Buchanan, J; Schuck, S
2004-12-01Getting access to the "underground" - Insights into children's identities onlineMaher, D; Schuck, S
2019-01-01Innovative mobile learning: A scan of the literatureBurden, K; Schuck, S; Kearney, M
2017-01-01Investigating knowledge exchange amongst school teachers, university teacher educators and industry partnersMaher, D; Schuck, S; Perry, R
2019-09-01Investigating the use of innovative mobile pedagogies for school-aged students: A systematic literature reviewBurden, K; Kearney, M; Schuck, S; Hall, T
2019-11-01The iPAC Scale: A Survey to Measure Distinctive Mobile PedagogiesKearney, M; Burke, PF; Schuck, S
2006-01Learning about learning and teaching: 'you don't learn in there, you play'Griffin, JM; Aubusson, P; Schuck, S
2002-01-01Learning through question and answer interactions on the webSchuck, S
2012-09-01M-Research: Ethical issues in researching young people's use of mobile devicesBurden, K; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P
2018-01-01“Maths Inside”: A Project to Raise Interest in MathematicsAngelini, M; Prescott, A; Schuck, S; Rai, T; Lee, C; Coupland, M; Downton, A; Livy, S; Hall, J
2010-12-01Mobagogy- mobile learning for a higher education communitySchuck, S; Aubusson, P; Kearney, M; Burden, K
2018-06-01Mobile learning for science and mathematics school education: A systematic review of empirical evidenceBano, M; Zowghi, D; Kearney, M; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P
2018-07-16Mobile STEM learning scenariosBurden, K; Kearney, M; Schuck, S; Aubusson, P; Burden, K; Brindley, S
2009-01-01Mobilising collaborative teacher professional learningAubusson, P; Schuck, S; Burden, K
2013-02-01Mobilising teacher education: A study of a professional learning communitySchuck, S; Aubusson, P; Kearney, M; Burden, K
2019-01-01Navigating and negotiating: Career changers in teacher education programmesVaradharajan, M; Buchanan, J; Schuck, S
2018-01-01Needs and expectations of a new learning space: Research students' perspectivesZeivots, S; Schuck, S
2005-10-01Online mentoring for the induction of beginning teachersBrady, L; Schuck, S
2013-01-29The opportunities and challenges of research partnerships in teacher educationSchuck, S