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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2007The challenge of deliberation for academic developmentKandlbinder, PA
Jan-2009Developing Assessment Performance IndicatorsKandlbinder, PA; Lord, TR; French, DP; Crow, LW
Jan-2012Generic skills development and satisfaction with groupwork among business students: Effect of country of permanent residencyTeo, ST; Segal, N; Morgan, AC; Kandlbinder, PA; Wang, KY; Hingorani, A
Jan-2012INVITED CONTRIBUTION: HERDSA MEMBER PERSPECTIVE Recognition and influence: the evolution of higher education research and developmentKandlbinder, PA
Jan-2009Key concepts in postgraduate certificates in higher education teaching and learning in Australasia and the United KingdomKandlbinder, PA; Peseta, T
Jan-2007Key Thinkers in Higher Education Teaching and Learning Research and DevelopmentKandlbinder, PA; Crisp, G; Hicks, M
Jan-2003Les Problèmes : Pivots de l'apprentissage par problème (app)' et de la motivation?Soucisse, A; Mauffette, Y; Kandlbinder, PA
Jan-2001Negotiating the Maze: Case based, Collaborative Distance Learning in DentistryLechner, SK; Kandlbinder, PA; Gonsalkorale, S; Bradshaw, M; Harris, KM; Winning, T
Jan-2003Peeking under the covers: On-line academic staff development in Australia and the United KingdomKandlbinder, PA
Jan-2005Postgraduate supervisor development through ICTKandlbinder, PA; Fallows, S; Bhanot, R
Jan-2009Predictors of the groupwork experience: generic skill development, peer appraisals, and country of residenceTeo, ST; Morgan, A; Kandlbinder, PA; Wang, KY; Hingorani, A; Milton, J; Hall, C; Lang, J; Allan, G; Nomikoudis, M
Jan-2010Shaping a culture: Oral histories of academic development in Australian universitiesLee, A; Manathunga, C; Kandlbinder, PA
Jan-2013Signature Concepts Of Key Researchers In Higher Education Teaching And LearningKandlbinder, PA
2014Signature concepts of women researchers in higher education teaching and learningKandlbinder, PA
Jan-2002Sim Assessment: enhancing academics under-standing of assessment through computer simulationAlexander, SA; Kandlbinder, PA; Howson, E; Lukito, L; Francois, A; Housego, SC; Williamson, A; Gunn, C; Young, A; Clear, T
Jan-2012Simulating Difficult Nurse Patient Relationships: Meeting the Online Continuing Professional Development Needs of Clinical Nurses with Low Cost Multimedia E-SimulationsKandlbinder, PA; Brunero, S; Holt, D; Segrave, S; Cybulski, JL
Jan-2013The Six Basic Plots of Teaching: Rhetoric of the TeachingKandlbinder, PA; Travares, S
Jan-2010The Teagle Debate: Should Academic Economists Think Like Teachers?Kandlbinder, PA
2014Theorising research on approaches to teaching in higher educationKandlbinder, PA
Jan-2014Theorising teaching and learning in higher education researchKandlbinder, PA; Malcolm Tight