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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023-05-01A 107 pJ/b TX 260 pJ/b RX Ultralow-Power MEMS-Based Transceiver With Wake-Up in ISM-Bands for IoT ApplicationsTang, K; Yang, C; Guo, Y; Wang, N; Zhu, Y; Zhang, Y; Ng, EJ; Lee, JEY; Fang, Z; Wang, W; Jiang, H; Heng, CH; Zheng, Y
2022-12-01A Silicon Migration Model Incorporating Anisotropic Surface Energy and Non-Uniform DiffusivityWong, HX; Lee, JEY
2022-05-01Acoustic Centrifugation Facilitating Particle Sensing in Liquid on a Piezoelectric ResonatorQian, J; Begum, H; Lee, JEY
2023-05-01Developing a multi-sample acoustofluidic device for high-throughput cell aggregationYang, R; Huang, S; Zhang, Y; Zhang, C; Qian, J; Lam, RHW; Lee, JEY; Wang, Z
2022-06-16Effect of crystal orientation on liquid phase performance of piezoelectric-on-silicon elliptical plate resonatorsBegum, H; Qian, J; Lee, JEY
2022-01-01Effect of Phononic Crystal Orientation on AlNon-Silicon Lamb Wave Micromechanical ResonatorsYang, R; Zhang, Y; Qian, J; Lee, JEY
2023-01-01In-Air Long-Range Environmental Temperature Sensing with A Single Scandium-Doped Aluminum Nitride pMUT ArraySarafianou, M; Chen, DSH; Wai Choong, DS; Goh, DJ; Liu, J; Merugu, S; Zhang, QX; Lin, H; Lee, SHJ; Chang, PHK; Lee, YL; Prelini, CL; D'Ercoli, F; Sim, DH; Leotti, A; Castoldi, L; Giusti, D; Lee, JEY
2023-10-15Long-Range High-Resolution Imaging With Silicon-on-Nothing ScAlN pMUTsSarafianou, M; Choong, DSW; Chen, DSH; Goh, DJ; Yao, Z; Sharma, J; Merugu, S; Ng, EJ; Lee, JEY
2023-01-01Near Zero-Power Environment Temperature Micromechanical Sensor-Switch Enabled by Sub-Micron GapGoh, DJ; Koh, Y; Ghosh, S; Sharma, J; Teo, YS; Lal, A; Lee, JEY
2023-01-01Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer Enables Bubble-Based Stirring and Reconfigurable Particle PatterningLi, X; Qian, J; Zhang, J; Zhang, B; Lee, JEY; Zhang, W