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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Business Model Approach to Public Service InnovationKatsigiannis, T; Agarwal, R; Jin, K; Agarwal, R; Selen, W; Roos, G; Green, R
2007-01Drivers of elevated service offerings in collaborative service networksAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Zhang, J; Wang, H
2015Dynamic Capabilities for Service Innovation in Service SystemsAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Agarwal, R; Selen, W; Roos, G; Green, R
2015-01-01Dynamic capabilities for service innovation in service systemsAgarwal, R; Selen, W
2009-01-01Dynamic capability building in service value networks for achieving service innovationAgarwal, R; Selen, W
2013-01Dynamic Capability Building through partnering: An Australian Mobile handset case StudyAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Sajib, S; Scerri, M; Grimmer Martin
2014-08-31Dynamic capability building through partnering: An Australian mobile handset case studyAgarwal, R; Scerri, M; Sajib, S; Selen, W
2007-01Elevated service offering in service value networks: Building dynamic capabilityAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Gupta, S; Coelho, J
2011-12-01How can Service-Oriented Architecture drive service innovation in newly emerging service systems?Agarwal, R; Choi, J; Ramamurthy, R; Selen, W; Selim, HM
2012-01The impact of Culture, Leadership, Governance, and ICT Systems on Service Innovation in Service Value NetworksAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Berg, D; Xie, M; Jiao, R; Kwong, S; Ng, SH
2013-01-01The incremental and cumulative effects of dynamic capability building on service innovation in collaborative service organizationsAgarwal, R; Selen, W
2011-01An Integrated View of Service Innovation in Service NetworksAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Demirkan, H; Spohrer, JC; Krishna, V
2011-10-01Multi-dimensional nature of service innovation: Operationalisation of the elevated service offerings construct in collaborative service organisationsAgarwal, R; Selen, W
2010-01Operationalisation of the Elevated Service Offering-construct in a Service Value NetworkSelen, W; Agarwal, R; Sousa, R
2010-01Operationalisation of the organisational orientation and culture construct in service value networksAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Gurd, B
2015-01-01PrefaceAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Roos, G; Green, R
2012-12-28Service-oriented architecture as a driver of service innovation in newly emerging service systems: An exploratory viewAgarwal, R; Choi, J; Ramamurthy, R; Selen, W; Selim, HM
2015-01-01The Handbook of Service InnovationAgarwal, R; Selen, W
2005-01Using Technovation For Service Classification: Some Industry ExamplesAgarwal, R; Selen, W; Li, E
2018-01-01Value creation and the impact of policy interventions: Indian LPG supply chain case studyMittal, N; Agarwal, R; Selen, W