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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01The Analytical MovementCurren, R; Robertson, E; Hager, P; Curren, R
2011-12-01Assessment of osteopaths: Developing a capability-based approach to reviewing readiness to practiceStone, C; Boud, D; Hager, P
2011-01Becoming As an Appropriate Metaphor for Understanding Professional LearningHager, P; Hodkinson, P; Scanlon, L
2005-01Challenges in achieving formal vocational skills through workplace learning: a case study in aged careHawke, GA; Hager, P; Hawke, G
2005-01Changing contexts: changing views of teaching expertiseMcMullen, CM; Tennant, MC; Hager, P; Hawke, G
2012-01Collective learning practiceHager, P; Johnsson, MC; Hager, P; Lee, A; Reich, A
2004-01The competence affair,or why VET urgently needs a new understanding of learningHager, P
2018-04-27A Complexity Thinking Take on Thinking in the UniversityBeckett, D; Hager, P
2004-01Conceptions of learning and understanding learning at workHager, P
2004-01-22The conceptualization and measurement of learning at workHager, P
2002-01Context, judgement and lifelong learningHager, P; Halliday, JS; Kvernbekk, T; Nordtug, B
2002-12-01Context, judgment, and learningHalliday, J; Hager, P
2005-01Current Theories of Workplace Learning: A critical assessmentHager, P; Bascia, N; Cumming, A; Datnow, A; Leithwood, K; Livingstone, D
2008-01Education at Work - Serious Possibility or Policy Naivety?Hager, P; Gonon, P; Kraus, K; Oelkers, J; Stolz, S
2002-01-01Envisioning practice: the roles of context, judgement and informal learningHager, P; Halliday, J; Searle, E; Roebuck, D
2004-01Front-loading, workplace learning and skill developmentHager, P
2002-01The importance of context and judgement in learningHager, P; Halliday, JS; Haynes, B
2005-01The importance of context to understanding learningHager, P; Hager, P; Hawke, G
2004-01The inescapability of significant contextual learning in workHager, P; Smith, E
2005-01Investigating learning and workChappell, CS; Hager, P; Hawke, G