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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-07-05Activation of Wnt/β-catenin pathway mitigates blood-brain barrier dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease.Wang, Q; Huang, X; Su, Y; Yin, G; Wang, S; Yu, B; Li, H; Qi, J; Chen, H; Zeng, W; Zhang, K; Verkhratsky, A; Niu, J; Yi, C
-Astroglial Connexins in Neurodegenerative DiseasesHuang, X; Su, Y; Wang, N; Li, H; Li, Z; Yin, G; Chen, H; Niu, J; Yi, C
2020-08-08Blood-brain barrier integrity in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease.Huang, Z; Wong, L-W; Su, Y; Huang, X; Wang, N; Chen, H; Yi, C
2020-11-20Brain health is independently impaired by E-vaping and high-fat diet.Chen, H; Wang, B; Li, G; Steele, JR; Stayte, S; Vissel, B; Chan, YL; Yi, C; Saad, S; Machaalani, R; Oliver, BG
2021-07-05Brain variability in dynamic resting-state networks identified by fuzzy entropy: a scalp EEG study.Li, F; Jiang, L; Liao, Y; Si, Y; Yi, C; Zhang, Y; Zhu, X; Yang, Z; Yao, D; Cao, Z; Xu, P
2023Can biomarkers be used to diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?Chen, H; Yang, Y; Odisho, D; Wu, S; Yi, C; Oliver, BG
2021-10-18Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Alzheimer's Disease-A Possible Role for the Nasal Microbiome in Causing Neurodegeneration in the Elderly.Harrass, S; Yi, C; Chen, H
2021-07-02Cinnamon as Dietary Supplement Caused Hyperlipidemia in Healthy RatsHuang, X; Cai, H; Li, H; Su, Y; Li, H; Li, W; Yi, C; Oliver, BG; Chen, H
2022-12-12Deep transfer learning enables lesion tracing of circulating tumor cells.Guo, X; Lin, F; Yi, C; Song, J; Sun, D; Lin, L; Zhong, Z; Wu, Z; Wang, X; Zhang, Y; Li, J; Zhang, H; Liu, F; Yang, C; Song, J
2023-09Development of a deep learning-based model to diagnose mixed-type gastric cancer accurately.Ning, X; Liu, R; Wang, N; Xiao, X; Wu, S; Wang, Y; Yi, C; He, Y; Li, D; Chen, H
-Efficacy of exercise rehabilitation for managing patients with Alzheimer’s diseaseLi, D; Jia, J; Zeng, H; Zhong, X; Chen, H; Yi, C
2023-01-26Efficient monolithic perovskite-Si tandem solar cells enabled by an ultra-thin indium tin oxide interlayerZheng, J; Duan, W; Guo, Y; Zhao, ZC; Yi, H; Ma, FJ; Granados Caro, L; Yi, C; Bing, J; Tang, S; Qu, J; Fong, KC; Cui, X; Zhu, Y; Yang, L; Lambertz, A; Arafat Mahmud, M; Chen, H; Liao, C; Wang, G; Jankovec, M; Xu, C; Uddin, A; Cairney, JM; Bremner, S; Huang, S; Ding, K; McKenzie, DR; Ho-Baillie, AWY
2024-04-12Endothelial DR6 in blood-brain barrier malfunction in Alzheimer's disease.Huang, X; Qi, J; Su, Y; Zhou, Y; Wang, Q; Huang, T; Xue, D; Zeng, Y; Verkhratsky, A; Zhou, B; Chen, H; Yi, C
2023-07-18Granger Causal Inference Based on Dual Laplacian Distribution and Its Application to MI-BCI Classification.Li, P; Gao, X; Li, C; Yi, C; Huang, W; Si, Y; Li, F; Cao, Z; Tian, Y; Xu, P
2022-06-01In-utero exposure to air pollution and early-life neural development and cognitionYi, C; Wang, Q; Qu, Y; Niu, J; Oliver, BG; Chen, H
2023-04-15Information transmission velocity-based dynamic hierarchical brain networks.Jiang, L; Li, F; Chen, Z; Zhu, B; Yi, C; Li, Y; Zhang, T; Peng, Y; Si, Y; Cao, Z; Chen, A; Yao, D; Chen, X; Xu, P
2023-02iPSCs-derived mesenchymal stromal cells mitigate anxiety and neuroinflammation in aging female mice.Wei, X; Li, R; Li, X; Wang, B; Huang, J; Mu, H; Zhang, Q; Zhang, Z; Ru, Y; Wu, X; Qiu, Y; Ye, Y; Feng, Y; Wang, S; Chen, H; Yi, C; Wang, J
2021-07-01L-Leucine Improves Metabolic Disorders in Mice With in-utero Cigarette Smoke ExposureZeng, Y; Huang, T; Wang, N; Xu, Y; Sun, C; Huang, M; Chen, C; Oliver, BG; Yi, C; Chen, H
2022Maternal Cigarette Smoke Exposure Exaggerates the Behavioral Defects and Neuronal Loss Caused by Hypoxic-Ischemic Brain Injury in Female Offspring.Huang, T; Huang, X; Li, H; Qi, J; Wang, N; Xu, Y; Zeng, Y; Xiao, X; Liu, R; Chan, YL; Oliver, BG; Yi, C; Li, D; Chen, H
2021-03-16Maternal High Fat Diet Consumption Exaggerates Metabolic Disorders in Mice With Cigarette-Smoking Induced Intrauterine UndernutritionHuang, T; Yang, M; Zeng, Y; Huang, X; Wang, N; Chen, Y; Li, P; Yuan, J; Chen, C; Oliver, BG; Yi, C