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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2009Re-making jobs: Enacting and learning work practicesPrice, OM; Scheeres, H; Boud, D
1-Mar-2012Re-thinking continuing professional development through changing metaphors and location in professional practicesBoud, D; Hager, P
1-Sep-2013Reconceptualising academic work as professional practice: implications for academic developmentBoud, D; Brew, A
1-Jul-2013Reflexive deliberation in international research collaboration: Minimising risk and maximising opportunityBrew, A; Boud, D; Lucas, L; Crawford, K
4-Jul-2018Refocusing portfolio assessment: Curating for feedback and portrayalClarke, JL; Boud, D
Jan-2007Reframing assessment as if learning were importantBoud, DJ; Boud, D; Falchikov, N
3-Jul-2018Reframing assessment research: through a practice perspectiveBoud, D; Dawson, P; Bearman, M; Bennett, S; Joughin, G; Molloy, E
Jan-2009Regulatory Regimes in Doctoral EducationTennant, MC; Boud, D; Lee, A
1-Jan-2015Reimagining site-walks: Sites for rich learningRooney, D; Gardner, A; Willey, K; Reich, A; Boud, D; Fitzgerald, T
17-Feb-2017Researching feedback dialogue: an interactional analysis approachAjjawi, R; Boud, D
1-Jan-2011Researching workplace learning in AustraliaSolomon, N; Boud, D
4-Jul-2017Responding to university policies and initiatives: the role of reflexivity in the mid-career academicBrew, A; Boud, D; Lucas, L; Crawford, K
1-Sep-2013Rethinking models of feedback for learning: The challenge of designBoud, D; Molloy, E
26-Jul-2007The role of assessment in preparing for lifelong learning: Problems and challengesFalchikov, N; Boud, D
23-Feb-2017The role of research education coordinators in building research cultures in doctoral educationBrew, A; Boud, D; Malfroy, J
1-Oct-2015The Role of Simulation in Pedagogies of Higher Education for the Health Professions: Through a Practice-Based LensRooney, D; Hopwood, N; Boud, D; Kelly, M
28-Jan-2016Simulation in Higher Education: A sociomaterial viewHopwood, N; Rooney, D; Boud, D; Kelly, M
3-Jul-2016Support for assessment practice: developing the Assessment Design Decisions FrameworkBearman, M; Dawson, P; Boud, D; Bennett, S; Hall, M; Molloy, E
1-Oct-2001Tale of two institutions: Exploring collaboration in research partnershipsSolomon, N; Boud, D; Leontios, M; Staron, M
1-May-2009Talking up learning at work: Cautionary tales in co-opting everyday learningBoud, D; Rooney, D; Solomon, N